Xbox One in game chat audio via HD60S and Elgato chat link

  • 7 February 2020
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I am trying to get the in game chat (not party chat) to come through via the HD60S by using the Elgato Chat link. Streamlabs is picking up the game audio as usual but not the in game chat. What settings should I be using / need to change?

My set up is as follows:

Standard HDMI setup between console and PC for game capture. 

Elgato chat link cable from capture card to headset and controller as standard. Note the controller is a wired one connected via USB to the console. 

Stand alone Snowball Mic for my own voice into the stream. 


No matter what I try in either SLOBS or console settings I can't get it to come through.


Please Help

4 replies

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Hi WebzFGaming,

Try going to your Xbox audio settings and set the audio output to “speakers and headset.” 
Also, here is a helpful guide on setting up your Elgato:
I hope that helps!

Hi as said above 👍

Made a quick vid to help with Xbox party chat & Elgato: 🙂 maybe will help

so I have tried this method and then I just get a horrible echo because it is playing both speakers and headset through my gaming headset. How do I fix this?

I’m having this issue too. Except I have the gen 3 Astro a50s that don’t have an audio jack on the headset. It comes with the base/charging station. So I have no idea at all what to do. Send help