Why does my streamLabs makes my game lag so much but OBS makes no performance hit at far better specs ? And how to fix it ?

  • 25 February 2020
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I had a pretty crappy Computer (i5 3200m and gt 630m 8gigs ram I believe). OBS lagged but StreamLabs was good And I could even stream.

So I bought a new Computer : Asus fx595dt-al298 with R7 3750h, nvidia 1650, 8 Gigs of ram. My built-in screen in manahed with the processor and has 120Hz. My second screen is managed by the GPU and is 60Hz so I play on my in-built one.

But on this new computer can I record in 1080p 120 fps without problem (i've never tested 240fps) with normal OBS. Today I wanted to stream so I launched SLOBS (480p30fps) but my game went from 300fps to 55fps and was unplayable, even with the lowest settings…


Why does this happen and how to fix it ?

4 replies

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This may be because of the difference in the refresh rates between the monitors. If you have Streamlabs OBS on the same monitor as the game, does the performance improve? 

No, unfortunately...

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Hey there @Kynatosh 


Can you run Streamlabs OBS as an administrator and let me know if anything changes? 

oof sorry I didn’t get any email

no nothing changes