Twitch chat causes game to lag

  • 26 February 2020
  • 3 replies

whenever im streaming the only thing that is causing me any trouble now is when someone chats the game im playing lags. im not sure why its happening. Streamlabs doesnt report any errors. 

3 replies

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Hi Zenyeti, 

If chat is lagging your computer, can you try lowering your bitrate in Streamlabs OBS and in-game graphics settings and see if that helps? I would also suggest you try enabling performance mode in Stremlabs by right-clicking in the margins of your editor window. 


Hi :)

I have the same problem. When ever i get a chat message on streamlabs my game (Fortnite) lags. The recent patch of streamlabs didnt help. Neither did the last patch of Fortnite. Besides that i get micro lags on EVERY game whil streamslabs is open. I always have to enable the perfomance mode to end the stutter. Any idead what can cause that? I have tried every bitrate, every resolution and streamlabs is used as administrator of course.

Thanks for every advice you can give!


I just remembered that i recently turned on the cloudbot. May this cause the lagging problems when users chat in your stream?