There was an error fetching your channel information (Youtube)

Can anyone help out?


I tried the following:

  • logging in and out
  • logging out and in with FB and then logging out FB and back in to YT
  • I deleted the access to SLOBS in YT and then readded the account in SLOBS 
  • refreshed the streamkey in YT and relogged everything.
  • I have run the program as administrator and followed all steps above again.

Is there anything else I can try?

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Hi there @ViralHorses!

Can you please send over a screenshot of the error message that you receive so we can take a look at it ourselves please?

Also could you also try disconnecting your Streamlabs account from your YouTube account to see if that does anything as well, please see instructions below:


To Disconnect Your YouTube Account:

  1. Log onto your YouTube account, then go to
  2. Find the section that says Streamlabs
  3. Click "Remove"


Hello sir 

I have this problem too on my Facebook page. how to fix it

Thank you for feedback

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@Michael Feeds Hey!

Log out of Facebook in your browser, clear your browser cache and cookies and log back in.


Then log out of Facebook in StreamlabsOBS and close the app.


Re-open the app ( run as admin), log back in and try to go live again. 

@Edd I do by ur step done but don’t work 

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@Michael Feeds Please try the solutions in this guide here as they should help resolve this for you.



Hello sir 

i do it all every thing still don’t work for me

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Hi there @Michael Feeds!
Could you try removing us from your Facebook business integration to see if this can help you with getting back live:
Log out of then go to your Facebook settings here:

Then please click "View and Edit" on the Streamlabs connection and click Remove Business Integration.

Log back into with Facebook and you should be prompted to set up the integration again and please make sure you select all page when prompted and let us know if that resolves the issue. 


Hello sir it still again. try removing Log out of then go to your Facebook settings here:

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Hi there @Michael Feeds!

Are you trying to go live when your automatic streaming information when you go to Settings > Stream, or are you trying to go live via “Stream to custom ingest”?

Whichever one you are using to attempt to go live with, could you try using the other method to see if that helps at all please?



I try to go live automatic streaming information. but trying to go live via “Stream to custom ingest” I just go live at dashboard facebook 1 more. why it can’t go live automatic like before. thank you 

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Hi there @Michael Feeds!

So you are able to go live now with using “Stream to custom ingest” correct?

With not being able to go live automatically did this issue happen after our latest Streamlabs OBS, or was this very recent?


Hello sir @TheBritishAndy  yes i can go live with using “Stream to custom ingest”. but at automatically this issue did not this Streamlabs this version 


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Hi there @Michael Feeds!

Ok if you are able to stream ok with using the custom ingest server I would advise using that for now when going live, and when a new update appears for Streamlabs OBS then test the automatic connection again to see if you can go live with that.


Hello streamlabs team

So it’s June 2020, my streamlabs version is 0.22.3 and I have the same problem trying to use automatic settings with my facebook account, and it was working before with no problem, now I have to use facebook creator page which is bad in my opinion.

In case you guys ask this is the problem:

There was an error fetching your channel information


And yes, I tried everything you guys said here and any other posts of this fórum. 

Any ideas?


Thanks for you time.