Streamlabs shuts down with no error message when trying to use browser source or widgets

  • 14 March 2020
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So far haven’t been successful in finding anyone with a similar problem to mine. Before officially even streaming I noticed that the program would shut down if I tampered with browser source. I found a way around it by just using window source as that worked fine. Then recently learning about alerts I tried my hand at setting it up until I finally tried to add it to the stream only to have it shut down in the exact manner.

FYI, it was already closing before I signed into and linked my accounts to twitch and set up

I saved an exported overlay file for my set up, then uninstalled only to have the problem consist after installation again.

Also no issues with streaming/recording.


7 replies

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Hi there @SailorLoony!

So it’s only when you add a browser source that you experience these issues correct, or is it with any other source that you add?

If you were to add a widget source to Streamlabs OBS does the software crash on you at all?

We do have a crash guide which can help you with this specific issue, please do go through if you have not done so yet:


 Thanks Andy for replying! do you think it best to copy and paste my issues in the comments there? also noticed the that said that was a good place to go to if issues persisted. I have gone through most of the tutorials listed in that url. Not noticing a difference yet unfortunately. To list some things George mentions I’ve tried.

  • My answers to the first three steps listed: I’m using a windows 10 device, so 1 and 2 aren’t related to me, and apparently MV C++ 2017 was already installed.
  • The very first thing I did yesterday before posting here was uninstall and run slobs with administrator. I actually did it again just now after updating drivers/software as recommended. 

Overall I feel like George’s more deeper software tampering is for people that can’t get slobs to open without it closing immediately. But I’m not having any issues with slobs besides the widgets and browser source.

To answer your questions about widgets, If you mean by crash that slobs shuts down entirely and needs to be restarted? then yes. Checked every widget to find they all followed that pattern of shutting down slobs. The exceptions being on the left with Standard as I am able to access:

Image, Image Slide Show, Display Capture, Game Capture, Audio Input Capture, VLC Source, Color Source, Media Source, Text (GDI+), Window Capture, Video Capture Device, Audio Output Capture, Scene.

         That is everything listed under Standard besides Browser Source, which makes this issue all the more unusual to me.

This is taken seconds before Browser Source closes slobs while trying to open this window. The widgets don’t even get this far at loading the text like this one does


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Hi there @SailorLoony!

That is really strange, it could be that there’s something corrupted in your cache file most likely.

You may need to clear you cache to see if that can help but before we do that, could you try this to see if it does anything for you at all:

Click on the arrow symbol facing downwards at the top of your scenes list and then select “Mange All”, once you are in your Scene Collections tab then just make a fresh new collection. Once you are in your said new collection then try and add any of the widget sources/browser source on your Streamlabs OBS and then see if it still crashes for you or not.


Not to make this sound like a hopeless case but erasing the cache as a last straw didn’t work either. I did as you asked with the scenes, but I forgot to mention that about two times so far signing into my twitch account to find all my scenes erased and still browser source crashed every time I checked. I saw one other person who had this issue notify the streamlabs staff, but she just gave up and reinstalled slobs, which maybe worked for her, but didn’t help me as I’ve tried that a few times already. Also, checked out this guy’s post and the guide within it before erasing my cache as well: In the end, it was all worth it to meet you Andy. 

Joking aside, I’m probably going to just use my wonkie version of slobs until I can get the person that built my pc to maybe look at it. Thanks for being a trooper and looking at this mess with me! 

hey guys i need a bit of help, for some reason my streamlabs keeps closing with no error message when im editing a scene or just even when i have streamlabs running on the side (not recording or streaming). i've tired all the tips on the forms on how to fix it but nothing has worked so far. Any idea why this is happening? thank you!!  

Hey there, 


Sorry about posting here but for some reason my account isn’t working when I post it in a sub category. Does anyone know why the dropdown won’t come on when I try to ask a question?

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Hi @Infamous_Chan @Black Spider !

Please reach out in discord server or in ticket there should be you can help! The forum is currently closed. The support is mainly focused in discord or ticket system. or