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  • 14 September 2019
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So sometime in this last week my SLOBS app reset itself and I needed to relog using the QR code. Previously, it was working appropriately and letting me transition between all scenes, but now it is only seeing the initial "Starting Soon" and nothing else. I can't seem to find anything about it anywhere, which doesn't really surprise me as it is a brand new bug, but I don't know how to fix it.


Best answer by ghosteez 26 February 2020, 11:07

Hey there folks.

If you find this issue is still persisting please send us a ticket at as we will need to investigate each case further. 

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28 replies

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Hey there folks.

If you find this issue is still persisting please send us a ticket at as we will need to investigate each case further. 

I’m having the same issue too
JUST downloaded the remote app and I cannot get my scenes to show up to transition them
You say you updated the app but I see no fix

So I got an update, tried again, logged out and in, reinstalled the app twice, and still the same problem persists

When can I expect this version to be out for android (Galaxy S10)? The last update I waited for 2 months and it didn’t get fixed, so I hope this one gets pushed faster :)

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Hey there sorry for the inconvenience, we have released a new version, if you don’t see your scenes in the remote control then try to create a new scene collection and see if that works there.

same issue here, it was working fine untill Feb 13th… now no scenes, I can use other app to make macross for switching the scenes for now, but I need a fix ASAP </3

So I recently got an update (13th of February) to version 3.1.4+15, and still no luck. Everything works but the scenes are nowhere to be found.

Thank you very much! 

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I’ve given the devs your information regarding the remote app not working for you properly.

Thank you for your patience while we investigate this issue further. I will give you updates here when I am given an answer.


@Edd did this for about 4 times already with no luck... 

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@DJME_TV  Log out and close the app.


Uninstall it,  reinstall it, log back in and see if you have the same issue. 

It's been a few weeks and still no response or update yet... :(

@jat0rz At the moment I’m on Version 3.0.3+10

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Hey there!

Can you confirm the version you are on, please?

I have the exact same issue as listed above for about 2 weeks now. I’ve happily used this feature which for me is very convenient, but now on my Galaxy S10 there is no way to get it back. I’ve tried everything listed above, any updates on the progress on this so far?

The new update seems to have fixed everything so far. Everything is looking good 

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Hey again!

Thank YOU very much for keeping us posted on your findings as well.  I went ahead and brought this to their attention.  Stay tuned!

Hey guys. @Must@PezLex@MarkyG 

I think I’ve found where the issue is stemming from. In testing I was able to get all my scenes to show up in the Remote App on both iOS and Android. I think the issue is caused by downloading the backup of the scenes.


To get my scenes to show in the remote app I duplicated a few of the scenes and then deleted the old ones. Poof. All of my scenes are now in the apps.

@Must I appreciate you guys getting back to us so quickly. I had seemed that we might be getting the cold shoulder. Your handling of this is most appreciated and shows good will. Quite respectable.

Please let me know if you have any further requests for information or testing.

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Hey @ShoutHouse Sorry for the miscommunication, we are still working on an update for the remote app. I’ll make sure to keep you informed as soon as it’s released.

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Hey there @PezLex sorry for the delay, we are working on a fix :)

Hey@PezLex &@ShoutHouse Is this still an issue you are experiencing ?

I’m not going to lie, since I had to stop using the Remote I completely forgot about this question. Having just checked, yes, the problem still exists.

Having the exact same issue. Tried everything. Install and uninstall, resyncing. 

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Hey @PezLex & @ShoutHouse Is this still an issue you are experiencing ?

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Hey @ShoutHouse Thank you for all these details, i'm forwarding these issues, will get back to you asap.