Streamlabs OBS not picking up games

  • 13 August 2019
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Ok downloaded slobs and got everything set up and ready to go, but it seems a lot of games dont work with slobs, when i try to add a game capture, they wont open up, i have tried MK 11 and Street Fighter V AE so far and they both give me trouble MK 11 will open and there is no audio and i cant start the game inside slobs, SFV AE wont even open at all, please fix this guys asap, this is real annoying and is giving me a headache trying to figure out, any ideas why this is happening?

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Hey @Gamesmaster_OG i'm not certain about MK 11 but i know Street FIghter V now is only able to be captured thourgh a window or display capture since a recent update. Some games are not compatible through the Game capture source for various reasons, often it's either the anti cheat part of the game or the api the game is using.

If you are experiencing this issue with other games i would suggest to try this
Ok i'll try window and display capture, i avoided those because they show everything on the desktop and any windows that are open.
Window capture works after setting MK 11 to borderless window but screen is black
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Hi there Gamemaster

I see that you've tried putting your game in windowed mode but did you also do the other things that were recommended in the link?

Have you tried logging out of Streamlabs>closing Streamlabs>then running Streamlabs as administrator?
Yes it doesnt seem to help at all, and Nightwolf early access is going on, i would love to stream some gameplay lol
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Are you on a Desktop or Laptop?

Will running the game in windowed mode and using game capture work at all?

Im on desktop PC
I will try now
I dont know something is keeping the games from picking up, if i do manage to get a certain game to load i cant control it
Question is there a 64 bit version of streamlabs OBS?
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I would make sure that your windows is at the most recent update as well as your drivers.

be sure you have installed BOTH C++ files or else it wont work

If you're still having issues I would try grabbing a fresh install from and run the installer as admin
Ok gonna try that now
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Alright, please keep us posted

That is far as i can get with MK 11 i cant control the game once i open the window, no buttons on my controller respond in other words i cant start the game..
Games that dont work so far are
1) KoF XIV
2) Injustice 2
3) Mortal Kombat 11
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Can you try with a keyboard and mouse to confirm or not if it's somehow a strange controller issue?
Ok i will try now
Trying mouse and keyboard now, still nothing, man this is depressing lol, all the good games i got and so far only 1 works
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Can you try OBS studio to test and see if the issue still happens there?
Ok imma check now
Same thing only Resident evil 2 works
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If its not working on both Streamlabs and OBS Studio then it is something going on with your hardware.

Unfortunately I can't provide much help in that aspect because I am not there and able to take a look at your personal belongings.

At this point I can recommend either looking up a tutorial on how to get MK11 running properly Or double checking that you have everything hooked up properly.
Nah its not my hardware a lot of people are having this issue, i have seen many postings, what is that anti cheat option for? i really think thats causing the issue
Its not so much as the games not working, they appear but i cannot start them i wish i could send you a video to show you..