Streamlabs OBS Donation Variations

  • 6 April 2020
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So recently I was wanting to create variations for donations, which included a $1 to $4.99 variation, $5 to $19.99 variation, and a $20+ variation. 


However my problem is that when I test the donation it will always come up with the default donation. How do I get it to register the variation and show the amount between numbers? (Any helpful videos welcome, have watched dozens but not found what i’m looking for)



1 reply

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Hey @CrudeTV_,

To test alert variations, you should do that using the test button next to the variation itself. To get there, go to your alert box settings online, scroll to the bottom, open up alert variations, and click the test button next to the alert you would like to test. The regular test button will only show the default alert. 

I hope this information helps!