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  • 3 October 2019
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Alert box just dont work. Im tried all things from here and nothing. A few days ago relog in Streamlabs OBS and site help me, but today its useless.
So i guess the problem not on my side. Please fix it asap.

Streamlabs OBS
Win 10

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23 replies

lol i even try to create new scene and add new widgets to SLOBS with standart animation and sound. Still not working.
C'mon ppl, your service is broken. With another service it's fine.
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Hey there @Video Games For Life!

Does the alerts still not work when you add them as a browser source as oppose to using the Alert Box source in Streamlabs OBS?
Hello @TheBritishAndy nope ((( still not work
Today I've got the same problem, i'm trying everything to fix it, but nothing helps. It still doesn't work.
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What alerts are you trying to setup, is it a gif or a webm, mp4 etc?
Im using Theme packs from streamlabs library
BloodyTribute Alert Box.
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Have you tried uninstalling the alerts and removing the widget set via Manage Themes in the Alert Box section on the website, and then install them again to see if that works?
I did right now and it work. Unfortunately, after deleting i can no longer use the same alerts as they have now become paid. I set them up when they were free ((

Update: Widget test passes with delays ~ 10 sec (sometimes instant)
Update: Alerts dont work again
Update: sometimes it work, sometimes not.
I think i fix it. let you know if something go wrong. Thanks for advise
Today before the start of the stream i made a test of alert boxes and they worked. Started the stream, it was 10 minutes and they stopped working again =\

update: lol and now when stream is OFF, alert box test work again. Really, what a hell? )))
Update: And 5 min later dont work again even in test, when stream offline
After restart SLOBS or scene change it work few minutes, then it dont again
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Hey @Video Games For Life could you post your channel link please so we can have a look into this issue on your streamlabs account 🙂
Hello @Must , sure -

And can there be a problem that the main account on Streamlabs site is the YouTube channel, and the twitch is connected as an additional? But it was always and was fine
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Hey again!

After taking a look at your account, I was unable to find any issues on our end.

I did a few things that may have helped so can you please try signing out, closing, run as admin, sign in, and test again?

I appreciate your patience on this as we try to resolve your issue. I know it can be frustrating.
Hi! I did as you said and nothing (((
Since yesterday its not work at all. Even sometimes 😕
It's me again
Just now i create new Email and new twitch account. Run SLOBS as admin with new account
Did everything! And Alert box dont work even with new account with standart options.
Dont work both as alert box ad browser source
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Hey there @cptorgazmo

Where are you located?

@ghosteez Hi, Russia. Any connection issues with ru users?

By the way, alerts are working today. Tried in test mode, stream offline


I broadcast yesterday. 3 hours and everything was good.

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Hey again!

Thank you for letting us know! 

Unfortunately in Russia, the Government and ISP can sometimes block the IP address which would cause all of these issues you are having.

There is nothing that we can do about that from our end.

I see. Thanks for responde. Okay. is it possible to avoid block with VPN in our case?

Today alerts don’t work again ((

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You can try a VPN if you want, it’s not ideal, but maybe it’ll work for you :) 
Nothing we can do sadly.

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