• 5 April 2020
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I have been streaming daily on Twitch for the past 4 weeks with great success (and having a blast as well) but I am having AUDIO issues on my end. Myself and few others (including my computer guru) are hitting dead ends on a daily basis to fix said problem. So I am reaching out to my FB feed to see if we can get some leads on how to correct the issue.

So follow along. My audio getting to my audience is fine, they don't hear the issue. It's on my end. I am currently using OBS software to stream to twitch. I am using a PreSonus as my interface and Logic Pro (my recording software) for my midi keyboard and vocals. I am and have been getting latency issues on my end, and hear my piano and vocals a split sec or two later. Again my viewers can't here it but I can which in turn makes playing a singing a pain in the butt at times. AND as the stream goes on the latency will increase over time. I have worked around it but we have yet to figure out how to solve the problem. I know I am not the only music streamer in the world using this kind of set up and wonder why I can't hear EXACTLY what my viewers are hearing. We have everything set up the way it's "suppose" to be (using soundflower & multi-out device). So again we are getting around it and making it work. SO now comes the real issue. I have just upgraded to STREAMLABS OBS (SLOBS) as they now offer it for MAC. This has ALL the bells and whistles I need to step up my "game" on Twitch. BUT again having the SAME issues but even WORSE. To the point where I can't even use STREAMLABS because of the latency issues as it is now affecting the audio to my viewers/listeners. We have watched COUNTLESS videos, and work arounds for this and see other music streamers using almost the same set up as me without any issues and they sound flawless.

WHAT are we missing here!?!?! I have a truly competent team around me but all of use are flustered as all hell.

ANY insight and TRUE expertise is needed right now!

1 reply

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Hey @JustJoeSyracuse,

It sounds like the issue you are experiencing is due to a buffer size and RAM issue. The best way to help with this issue is to try using different audio drivers that have lower latency if they are available. You could also try lowering your buffer size in your DAW. The more physical RAM your computer has, the more you can reduce your buffer size and lower your latency. If possible, you could look into installing more RAM. For the audio sync getting worse over time, you may want to try enabling device timestamps. To do this, click the gear next to the audio device having issues, go to properties, and check the box to “use device timestamps.” <>

I hope this helps!