streamlabs: Live broadcast has stopped due to: Missing live broadcast identifier

  • 12 October 2019
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Please help I’m trying to stream from streamlabs to YouTube on my phone and when I try to record my screen that error pops up saying missing livestream broadcast identifier and then stops the stream instantly.

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Hey there!

Unfortunately, this thread has expired.  Please create a new thread if you are still experiencing the issue so we can update the ticket.

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24 replies

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Hey @Slayer Games!

Are you trying to stream & record at the same time when you go live via your phone?
Im having the same problem, when i want to go live it says missing live broadcast identifier
It does that and I can’t stream
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Hey, this is a known issue related to ios version of the app, we are looking into it and will be fixed next update, sorry for the inconvenience.

Is there a solution to this yet??

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Hey there,

Not yet.  We will let you know when there is.  Thanks!

Thank you I just saw your response thank you for putting effort to fix this bug 

Is there a date to the update?

i have the same problem i want to stream fortnite live

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Hi again! 

Could you answer the following questions, please?

1. What app version are you on?
2. Did you try to stream your camera to a persistent stream? (Go Live button > select persistent)
3. Can you stream to YouTube via Custom RTMP Server? (Settings > Platform > Custom RTMP, provide server URL and stream key, video on how to find them HERE)


We would appreciate the information as it helps us troubleshoot faster! 

Hi @Castorr91 

  1. i am using version 2.1.6
  2. i have tried persistent and gives me same error that it’s missing broadcast identifiers 
  3. I have also tried that and give me same error 

This same thing is happening to me, it won’t let me screen record my phone on Streamlabs because it says missing live broadcast identif

Streamlabs just received a new update around 20hrs ago, but this fix was not in it. Is there any progress?

edit: I thinks it’s fixed

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Hey again!

Can you confirm is this is working for you or not?  Thanks!

It still does not work it now says something different but then say exact thing happens


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Hey again,

This is still being looked into.  I apologize for the incovenience and delay.

In streamlab obs I went into setting and changed some stuff will the alerts still pop up when I stream from my phone?     

i don’t know how to put this some where else

Also it now says stopped to no persistent broadcast found

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Hey again!

Please confirm what version of the app you are on.

You should be on version 2.1.7

How do I check my version?

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Hey @Lazy Luke you’ll find that in the app menu → Settings → About.

I am in version 2.1.8

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Hey again,

Since you are on v2.1.8 can you please verify with a screenshot that you are still experiencing this issue?  I will pass it along to the devs.

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Hey there!

Unfortunately, this thread has expired.  Please create a new thread if you are still experiencing the issue so we can update the ticket.