Streamlabs Leaderboard Extension not updatin

  • 5 April 2020
  • 2 replies

I just installed Streamlabs Leaderboard extension probably 10 hours ago and have set up the loyalty system in the dashboard. I also enabled cloudbot alongside all the payout settings. A couple of my viewers have received “shards” (points) and the top name still states “points” instead of shards. Also no names have popped up inside the extension after my stream was finished. Is there a way to fix both problems? Thank you!

2 replies

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Hey @Pinoii_Gabe,

The leader board extension loyalty and Cloudbot loyalty operate independently. I cannot look into your leaderboard extension at this time as it is not on your Twitch page here Also, after typing !shards in the chat, the cloudbot shows the proper response of shards and not points.


So I have some viewers who have been changing their names trying to find their own identity but it really messes up the leaderboard tracking. For example if they changed their name 3 times, on the leaderboard, all that they've contributed will be split up depending on what they did with what name. Is there a way to merge their names to accurately give credit to their current name? Since it doesn't do viewers justice if they aren't at the top because they wanted to change their names a few times.