Streamlab won't save anything

  • 11 March 2020
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I’m having some trouble with Streamlab on my Surface pro 7.

So I’m logging into my Twitch (prime) account through Streamlab without any issue. Setup wizard goes on without any problem. Everything looks fine, I apply some changes, like installing a theme, then edit it, etc. At the end I close the app, everything seems ok.

And then...

Every single time I open Streamlab again, it asks me to log into my twitch account again - yes, of course I ticked the “remember me for 30 days” option.. and every single time the setup wizard shows up again, losing ALL of the things I did before. No themes, no nothing in there. So basically everytime I open it up it’s like the first time.

I already tried to:

  • Uninstall it, reinstall it
  • Open the app in admin mode
  • install previous versions of Streamlab
  • even uninstalling OBS studio, thinking it could interfere with Streamlab OBS
  • follow any instruction already found in this forum with people experincing similar problem
  • throwing my Surface out of the window

Guess what, none of these worked, not even the last one. Please help me!


2 replies

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Hey Mark, 

If you press the Windows key and search for %appdata% are you able to see that the Slobs-client folder is saving information for your settings? 

Streamlabs OBS is not saving the settings. I see the Streamlabs OBS folder in appdata. He keeps setting the bitrate to 2500. It’s so annoying.