Streaming window missing

  • 5 April 2020
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Hello, so i have this problem where my whole entire streaming window is literally missing, i can’t see my screen at all. it’s not black or anything just missing. it worked fine before i changed the layout (by mistake) and i’ve since changed it back. bit i can’t get it to work. i’ve restarted both streamlabs and my pc. but to no avail.. 


hope you can help, kind regards Me


edit: i’ve just reinstalled it and it’s doing excatly the same. so it just seems kinda wierd to me

1 reply

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Hey @sezycow,

If you are not able to move or edit sources or do not see your preview, you may be using the wrong element in your layout editor. Go to your layout editor, then add an editor display where you want to see your preview, then hit "Save Changes." <> You also may need to disable Performance Mode in Streamlabs OBS <>

If that does not resolve your issue, can you post screenshots of what you are seeing in your editor tab and your layout editor tab? 
You may also want to go through this guide as well to make sure your computer is set up to run Streamlabs OBS properly.