Stream title page quit popping up when I go live

  • 16 March 2020
  • 3 replies

So, I accidentally hit the “do not show again” button on the little page that pops up when you go live and I cant figure out how to get it to come back up. I can’t change my stream title or the game being displayed. Please help!!!

3 replies

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Hey there @goosechode 


It would be under Settings > General > Show confirmation dialog when starting streams 

I’m having the same issue. On a fresh install clicking “go-live” brings up the stream title box and I can name and start the stream from inside SLOBS without going to the YT website as well.  However, it will randomly stop doing that with no reason.


I checked the settings and the box “Show confirmation dialog when starting streams” was unchecked but checking it causes it to ask if I want to start a stream, doesn’t bring up the stream title. The other setting “ Confirm stream title and game before going live” has always been checked but it seems to have no effect.

Being able to simply click “Go Live” in SLOBS and start the stream on YT is one of the main reasons I chose to use this software but I need it to work consistently to be helpful. 

I have the same issue quite a long time. In settings it is checked but when I click '’ Go Live'’ it is just going live, no confirmation (title / Game) page is popping up. 

It is checked on settings but seems to be not effective.

I search this time to time on forums but so far only answer I found is '’ Make sure it is open on settings...'’ It is open on settings and not working.