Some tag options not available ?

  • 5 April 2020
  • 4 replies

So, I’m pretty new to stream labs, but as I’m trying to stream The Sims 4, simulation is not a tag option. Am I overlooking something? I’ve noticed several tags, that are on twitch channels, not an option for stream labs. I stream for twitch only. 


Thanks for any support to this question : )

4 replies

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Hey @crazykatnip,

I would recommend you use tags like character creation or roleplay. I believe simulation is a tag Twitch puts on the game itself, not streamers. 

I hope this information helps!

same problem here, i found alot of tags on other twitch channels, in portuguese btw, and i cant add them, theres a way to include or update tags?

I am not having this problem, but can someone please tell me how to create my own topic post? It keeps saying I need to select a topic but when I go to the drop down menu, nothing is there and it wants me to type into it.

Edit: Okay now I see that others in this thread are mentioning the same problem. 


This is unrelated to this thread, but I had no other place to post it (keep reading to see why).

I cannot create a new topic, it tells me that I must choose a subject, but the Subject dropdown seems broken. Is this a temporary bug or am I missing something?


Sorry for hijacking this thread to ask this, but I saw no other way, since creating a topic seems impossible.