Recording Multiple Audio Tracks Not Working

  • 29 February 2020
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     Hey all, so I'm having some issues with audio when recording. I have my relevant recording settings attached with the picture so please take a look.

     The issue is that when I playback the recorded video it only plays audio from Track 2 (which is listed as Track 1 in the video file). I have my Desktop Audio sending to Track 2, my mic is set to Track 3, Discord voice chat Track 4, etc. You get the idea.

     For streaming I send all audio to Track 1 only and that is working as intended.

     I've tried playing the video back in both Windows Media Player, Windows Movies & TV, and VLC (fresh install). None of them will play back any of the additional audio channels, even though VLC shows that all the tracks are there. One strange thing I noticed is that the first audio stream in VLC shows that it’s running at 32 bits/sample, while Stream 2-5 are only running at 16. I can’t find any setting in SLOBS that would allow me to change this.

     Any help is appreciated.


Advanced Recording Settings


Where my audio sources are coming from.
Advanced audio settings. All Tracks are set to a bitrate of 160.
How my audio is routed.
VLC video file information from a 20-second test video that I made.


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4 replies

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Hey there @MythicalMalice 


It seems to be working based on that screenshot, but do you have editing software to put it in, like Sony Vegas? Typically split tracks is for editing purposes. 

Could you try another format, like MP4? 

Hey guys,

I have the same exact problem… 
Can´t create a new post though (Sub Forum dropdown not working)


I am using the Replay-Puffer and I am very happy with it.
Today, I wanted devide my Audio-Track so I have multiple Audio-Tracks to work with  in my editing software (hitfilm).




The weird thing is that one audio track is always working. It seems to be the first audio track which is activated for the recording. In my case (see in screenshot) it is audio track number 2. (Desktop audio). My microfone and Teamspeak sound is not recorded. If I deactivate track number 2 and still have 3 and 4 running, my microfone is beeing recorded. But not Teamspeak.


Here are some screenshots of my settings:


I am having the exact same issue. The recorded file says 2 tracks, which would be Audio 1 in SLobs [stereo pair].
Drop it into Reaper and sure enough it’s just a stereo file.

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Hey all,

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