QR Code Not Scanning

  • 10 March 2020
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29 replies

@TheBritishAndy  You have been most Helpful with this issue i’ve been having. I highly Recommend you for Future Issues or Questions i have. :grinning:

im having the same problem i dont know how to post anything on here so im posting it here,i have a one plus 6t android 10 and i go and try to scan the qr and it dose nothing i have tried everything  @Edd@lazypupper@Nevermind said to do and still nothing……..      @TheBritishAndy could you help me 

@TheBritishAndy Haven’t heard any Updates. Haven’t used the App for a few months, Still doesn’t work. I know there’s a Solution somewhere. But i don’t know what to do.

Anyone else having any success with this? I am having the same issue i have tried everything i could possibly think of…. Now shopping for a hardware deck since I can seem to make use of the “Integrated mobile” one...

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Hey all!

For the Remote Deck app to connect, you must be on the same network as your computer. Another thing that some people forget is that their computer needs to be set to using a private, not public network connection. This is necessary as if the connection is public, devices in your network can’t communicate with one another. Lastly, please make sure you have Streamlabs OBS whitelisted in your firewall settings.

For further assistance, please join us on discord or submit a ticket.