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  • 10 March 2020
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Hello, I am wondering if a fix will be available for the “Streamlabs Deck” Or your Mobile App. Since the most Recent update to Windows for Streamlabs came out. I have been unsuccessful in Connecting the Streamlabs Deck Mobile App to the Windows PC Streamlabs. I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. I really enjoy using Streamlabs, But at this rate, i’m losing faith in this. Please reply back when able.


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Hey all!

For the Remote Deck app to connect, you must be on the same network as your computer. Another thing that some people forget is that their computer needs to be set to using a private, not public network connection. This is necessary as if the connection is public, devices in your network can’t communicate with one another. Lastly, please make sure you have Streamlabs OBS whitelisted in your firewall settings.

For further assistance, please join us on discord or submit a ticket.



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29 replies

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Hey there!

Are you on the most recent version of the remote app? 
Have you tried uninstalling / reinstalling it?
Does it not read the QR or not focusing? Do you have a bit more information pertaining to the trouble?

Have you tried taking a look at our Remote Control Guide yet?

I have Uninstalled and Reinstalled the Mobile App and The Streamlabs OBS for Windows. I’ve even put it in Manually. and it doesn’t connect. I believe your Mobile Streamlabs Deck App is Outdated. Before the Update happened. I had no issues. Since the update, just problems.



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Close the Streamlabs Deck out,


Then go to your mobile camera and scan the QR code using your camera app.


Then Streamlabs Deck will then re-open and you should be all set!

Okay. I can only scan with the Streamlabs Deck. Not  with my Camera. I think its just because the Streamlabs Deck Mobile App is outdated.

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Hi there @Sgt.Good18!

Could you then please send us over the following information:

The device you are using with the app

The OS you are currently running &

The version of our app as well

We will then pass this over to our mobile team who will then be able to look into this for you.


-Alcatel Tetra (Android) Version 8.1.0

-Current Mobile App Version 3.1.7 (last updated February 20, 2020)

-Acer ASPIRE T and running a 64-bit Operating System.

The Streamlabs OBS works fine on my PC. Its just the Mobile I’m having Issues with @TheBritishAndy  Anymore info required. Let me know.


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Hi there @Sgt.Good18!

Thanks for that info and just to make sure, which streaming platform are you trying to use the remote app for: Twitch or YouTube?

Thanks again!

Remote App for Youtube. @TheBritishAndy 


I have no problems logging in on the App. It just doesn’t wanna scan the QR Code.

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Close the StreamlabsDeck app out and go to your camera app on your phone.


Scan the QR code in Slobs via your camera app and the StremalbsDeck app should open up for you. 

@Edd My Camera Will NOT Scan through the Camera app on my Phone. It only worked when i had the Streamlabs Deck Opened up.

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Hi there @Sgt.Good18!

Thanks for letting us know that you trying to use it for YouTube, there have been some issues with trying to use the remote app via YouTube which our mobile team are trying to look into & fix.

I’ll pass them over your device & OS details and will look to see if they have any updates at all.

In the meantime and if you happen to have a Twitch account, could you login to Twitch via Streamlabs OBS & the remote app to test and see if you can connect with no issues at all please?

Thanks again!


@TheBritishAndy  I most certainly do have a twitch account. but don’t really use it much,  I’ll see what happens and relay details here….

@TheBritishAndy Unfortunately i it also doing the same for Twitch. I do believe its strictly the mobile app is outdated. Might i recommend Updating Streamlabs OBS Before the Mobile App. That way both apps work better. I’m not sure how you guys update this stuff.


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Hi there @Sgt.Good18!

Thank you for trying this out, at this time Streamlabs OBS is on the latest version (0.20.2).

Our dev’s have said if you completely close the app (even removing it if it’s still running in the background) and then you can actually be able to scan the QR code using any other app, and this will then deep link into our remote app and connect your account to it.

Could you try that and see if that works for you with another app by any chance, if it does not I will let the team know.


@TheBritishAndy Well Typically if my Camera was able to scan the QR Code. I’d be using the app. But unfortunately my Camera is unable to do that. So i’m not 100% sure what other apps will work so i can scan the QR Code.

@TheBritishAndy So i tried using my Camera with the Streamlabs Deck Running in the background. Unable to scan. I have no clue what else to do or what Apps i can use that just won’t bring up some random web address when i scan the QR Code.:sweat:

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Hey there,


You need to completely close out of the application.  It cannot be running in the background.  To ensure that it is not running as a background process please restart your phone.  Then do not open any applications but your camera application. Scan the QR code that is displayed within Streamlabs OBS and then the streamdeck app will launch for you.


Please be aware that you do not need to reboot your phone each time you do this.  This precaution is to ensure that it is not running as a background process since you are struggling to connect it. 

@lazypupperAs i have Told @Edd .MY CAMERA APP DOES NOT SCAN QR CODES!!!! Only with the Streamlabs Deck App! I feel like only @TheBritishAndy is actually helping with my situation. Please for the love of god. Stop asking me to just use the Camera App on my Phone to scan the QR Code. IT DOESN’T WORK!!!!  :rage:

Going through a rough time now. Going to be without work for 2 whole weeks…..


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Hi there @Sgt.Good18!

Sorry about all this, I’ll run it by the dev’s to let them know that it’s still not working for you.

Once we get a new update from them we will let you know.


@TheBritishAndy  You have been most Helpful with this issue i’ve been having. I highly Recommend you for Future Issues or Questions i have. :grinning:

@TheBritishAndy  Have you heard anything from the Developers?

So here is a suggestion since i had problems with manually connecting. Go to windows firewall and check for streamlabs obs. Allow it if its not

iI have a samsung galaxy s10 and tried to scan the qr code with the SLOBS remote and states i need to connect my wifi to the same wifi connect which it is, i also tried to manually scan with my camera and it takes me to a webpage link, also manually and will not connect either , i can confirm i am on all the latest drivers for everything and followed the instructiosn in the chat thread above , seems there is an issue for certain peeps as i can not use the app either

@TheBritishAndy  I am also having these problems where my stream labs app won’t scan the qr code. But my phone camera is able to do so but I got this…