Problems with going Live on Multiple Stream : Facebook Live

  • 6 April 2020
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Hey everybody


Im brand new to streaming and to streamlabs OBS, Im haaving problems going live with twitch and facebook live. When i select GO LIVE i get the promt window for the stream details, and then the next page state that ineed to create a facebook page, which ive done. Also in the setting menu and streams, it has my twitch account and facebook accoutn, but i belive this fb is a profile that i did at first, but not the gaming page. but it doesnt let me change this facebookk account. 
SO overall at the moment im just struggling to navigate around the program, nothing is obvious.

please help. thanks

1 reply

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Hey @speczero_gaming,

After looking into your account, it appears you do not have a gaming video creator page linked here If you have one and it’s not showing, could your follow these steps to disconnect/reconnect your Facebook integrations.

• Navigate to your Facebook integrations page here:
• Remove the Streamlabs integration.
• Relog in Streamlabs OBS with your Facebook account
You should get a prompt to give Streamlabs OBS permissions again.

I hope that helps!