Problème de la qualité d’un enregistrement ou stream

  • 12 August 2019
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Bonjour, cela fait 4mois que j’ai un problème. Quand j’enregistre un gameplay ou lance un live, il n’y a pas de problème de fps mais la qualité est déplorable. J’ai essayé tellement de choses que je ne sais plus quoi faire. La semaine dernière j’ai emmené mon ordinateur pour que des professionnels de l’informatique fassent des test (qui m’a coûté cher) mais ils n’ont rien trouvé. Je trouve ça bizarre parce qu’avant ça fonctionnait parfaitement, je sais pas à quoi ce problème est dû, svp aidez-moi.

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Unfortunately we have gone through quite a few troubleshooting steps for you and can only offer so much support before the issue really starts appearing to be on your end.

The discord is full of community members and volunteers who may actually be able to sit and discuss with you what is happening and troubleshoot it further.

So, to answer your question, join the Discord, check out all of the channels, and see what you can find!
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Hello Rvzeer!

I'm sorry to hear that you are having a loss of frames. Can you tell me which type of frame loss you are experiencing so that I can help get you sorted.

When you are live,, what type of error message are you receiving? Are they dropped frames or skipped? (see attached photo)

Merci de votre réponse mais vous ne parlez pas français ?
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No worries-- Unfortunately, our French speaker is not on at the moment. I could try to use a translator if you'd like.
ah ok thanks
I do not have the same thing as on your photo, but I can send you to show an image like example so that you can see the quality (it is normal that the resolution is in 4/3).

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Okay. Your error messages will appear on the Streamlabs program (see photo)

if you are not getting any error messages on the program I would suggest to do some changes to your game settings such as:
Lowering your graphics settings
Capping your frames
disabling V-sync

Ok thanks, but how to loop frames and disable V synchronization?
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That will all be in your game settings :
Hello, it's been 2 days that I try to change the settings or to try many other things but nothing works.
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Bonjour, je vous propose de passer en français si vous préférez, si je relie l'origine du problème, vous disiez qu'il ne s'agit pas d'un soucis de FPS mais simplement de qualité c'est bien ça ? est-ce que le stream semble pixelisé ? auriez-vous un clip ou une petite vidéo montrant la qualité du stream ?
Merci bien, oui c’est exactement ça. Pas de problème concernant les fps mais l’image est vraiment pas belle et elle est pixelisée. Je suis pas chez moi est je n’ai donc pas de vidéo mais j’ai fait un screen d’une vidéo que vous pouvez voir en haut de la conversation.
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He @RVZEER18 en général cela est causé par un bitrate trop faible ou des paramètres de stream/record pas assez élevé, pouvez-vous aller dans les paramètres et faire une capture écran des paramètres dans les menu Video et menu Sortie svp.
Salut, merci bcp pr t’as réponse, je fais ça demain soir !
Ma config :
Asus ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1060 Gaming - 6 GB
G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4 16GB Kit (2x8GB) 2400 MHz
Toshiba disque dur DT01ACA200 - SATA 6GB/s - 64MB - 2TB
Asus ROG Strix Z370-F Gaming
Intel Core i5-8600K (3.60GHz/9MB)
Corsair H100i PRO RGB (Watercooling)

Tu trouveras également des screens de mes paramètres ci-joints.

Et je joue en 4/3 (écran étiré) sur Fortnite mais je sais que ce n'est pas ca le problème car j'ai déjà essayé de rec sans le 4/3.
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Hey again!

Have you updated to the latest release of Streamlabs OBS?

We are on version 0.17.1 Update your software and then let's see if we can't resolve your issue.
Hello, thank you for your answer it was already a few days. Yes the latest version and of course installed
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Hey @RVZEER18 i would like to suggest to lower la résolution de sortie to 720p as well as up your bitrate to 5000 if your upload speed allows it.
I tried to do what you told me but riewn changed. I put the link of a rec that I just made.Video link
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Hey again!

Make sure you uncheck "Enforce Streaming Service Encoder Settings" in Settings --> Output --> Streaming

Also, what is your current upload speed from your ISP?
Thanks again for your help and this problem is really annoying. I have not tried what tun said but I tested my connection:

the parameter you indicated to me was actually checked. I unchecked it and I will test now to see the result, see you later
nothing changes...
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Hey again!

No worries. Since there have been so many back and forth discussions I just want to confirm the issue we are having.

You are still referring to your stream getting blurry when moving around in game?
It may be that the translation and false, but from what I understood this is not the problem. My problem is that when I record or stream, there is no problem of fps but the quality of the image is really horrible as you can see on the examples that I sent. There are big pixels everywhere