Prime in the UK

  • 16 February 2020
  • 4 replies

Trying to sign up to Prime and i keep getting an error. I live in the UK and we dont have Zip codes. any help would be great 


4 replies

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Hey there @EllizDee 


A zip code would just be your postal code 

did you get it fixed as same error happens to me, @ghosteez is there a way to change the payment currency too GPB?

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Hi @mrdg21 !

Please reach out in  by sending ticket! The forum is currently closed. The support is mainly focused in discord or ticket system.



Hi guys. I couldn’t find out how to change the currency to GBP but I did manage to sign up ok a day or two ago. Just put your postcode where the zip code is and it will accept it. Hope it helps.