Prime Gift Sub alerts

  • 27 March 2020
  • 4 replies

Hello, I am trying to update my alerts and have them all done but with one giving me a problem… The Prime Gift Sub alerts although changing the image and sound continues to show the Gold Prime star animation which covers the updated alert I added.  Please let me know how to disable that Gold prime start animation?

4 replies

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Hey @Crimson_Killer,

What is the URL for the stream you are trying to do this for? If you are adding this as an alert variation, keep in mind that to test it, you would have to do it in your alert box settings and hit “test” next to the variation itself.

Literally got the same issue, it’s winding me up the wall. Any fix?

Did you manage to solve your issue? Currently going through the same issue myself and looking for some guidance

@SecSeaBeastI think you didn’t understand the question.

When we do a test for the “Prime Subscription Gift” alert, it show stars over and under our modified alert and we don’t have any option to remove it.

Can you help?