• 25 March 2020
  • 3 replies

I just recently set up my new PayPal with stream labs where i needed to convert it to a business account. Should I cancel the legacy and the credit card that are coated below the new PayPal integration? Or leave my PayPal legacy still connected? Want to make sure 

3 replies

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Hi there @FierceClimax!

It would be best to keep PayPal[LEGACY] on as that still can be used for viewers who want to donate to you via their PayPal account. So it’s best to have PayPal[LEGACY] & the new PayPal feature on.


What is paypal Legacy? I don’t understand what is that mean. If I don’t use Paypal my account. but I added my email address in paypal Legacy, if someone who donate me, then will my email address show up can collect in my credit card?

hi i need your help,

my gaming page was level up but before one week i received the bellow message and since that i am streaming game with tagging the game name using streamlabs but the problem in the achievement no hours counted and same in daily broadcast stats 

what can i do ?????!!!!!