No Stream Mix audio out from GoXLR mini

  • 25 March 2020
  • 2 replies

Hey Community.  I’ve been playing around with just about every option to get SLOBS to output my GoXLR Broadcast Stream Mix, but I know I’m missing something.  I’ve assigned the steam mix to Mic/Aux Device 1 in settings.  In my PC, I’ve gone to Settings>Advance Audio Settings>Set “obs64” input to Broadcast Stream Mix.  I’ve created a Source and included most of the inputs to mimic the stream mix, but I won’t have control of each audio source thru the GoXLR mini.  I see the Broadcast Stream Mix in my Mixer Box, but no audio is shown.  I made sure the Mixer Settings is “Monitor and Output”.  I recorded a test stream to verify the audio, and confirmed; no audio is present on recording.  Please help.

2 replies

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Hey @NAVZ121

Sorry to  hear you’re having issues here. Could you please click the gear icon to the upper right of your audio mixer in Streamlabs OBs and take a screenshot of your advanced audio settings? Keep in mind track 1 is the streaming track, so make sure that is ticked for Mic/Aux device 1. 

I stream everyday and same thing, today have no audio out to streamlabs. My game team can hear me but not the stream. The audio is essentially muted.