multistream to twitch and facebook with random crashes

  • 26 January 2020
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Hello looking for some help,


Randomly during the past 2 weeks or so of streaming, i will start dropping frames and the "Be right back screen" keeps appearing. Some days it is only once or twice while others crash the stream several times. When i disable multistream and stream just to twitch, no issues happen.


Any advice?!

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15 replies

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Hello there!

This could be for a few different reasons, first try heading over to settings → advanced and disable dynamic bitrate and give it a try.

If that didn’t solve the issue for you, take a screenshot of your settings → output and settings → video and post it here for us please.


Keep us posted!


I did not not have the dynamic bitrate enabled so here are my current settings….


Also one of my streamer friends has very similar settings and is seeing the same issue. just an FYI :)



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Do you have this same issue when you change your output mode to “simple”?


Please try the steps in this guide as well as they should help you resolve your issue:



I have not tried simple mode but that does take away several options i feel are important. I will try a few of these though and get back to you

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Another solution we’d like for you to try if the other option didn’t improve your situation is: go to and unlink your Facebook page from your account. Then, please log out of and log back in and reconnect your Facebook page as a secondary. 

After you’ve done that, please log out of Streamlabs OBS and relog in with your Twitch credentials and try enabling Multistream again.


Please let us know if any of the suggested options helped you! If you are still experiencing trouble we will be more than happy to assist you further.


Thank you for your patience :)

I attempted to login and logout of my Facebook and streamlabs and came across the same issue

I actually tried all the above suggestions and still had the same issue. After taking a look through forums, none of the suggested fixes seem to work and multiple people are having this issue

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Hey there @Wumbo_Official can you tell us your Twitch username and provide us with a screenshot showing the dropped frames notification and vod with a timestamp showing the issue.
Can you also confirm is the BRB screen went up for both Facebook and Twitch please.



Twitch name is wumbo_official

Above screenshots show both BRB screens for both

Do not have recording of dropped froms but all occur randomly in stream. Like i had said, some streams i have not experienced this issue and it randomly will happen the next (same settings of course)

Did anyone find a solution? I’m having this issue as well and have tried all the quick fixes with none of them working. 

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Hi there @Wumbo_Official & @kryptechknight!

Could you both try if you have not done so yet going to Settings > Advance and try the following things for when you go live next:

In the Automatically Reconnect section disable it and see if that stops with giving you the BRB screen.

Go to Network and select an Ethernet connection in your Bind to IP box also.

See if these help you in fixing this issue.


Also Kryptech could you tell us your Twitch or YouTube channel name also (whichever account you are using for Multistream) please?


Did anyone find a solution? I’m having this issue as well and have tried all the quick fixes with none of them working. 

Iam having the same issue have you or anyone else found a solution?!


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Hey all, 

One last piece of advice I can offer is to try using 30 FPS in your video settings. 

If you are in need of further assistance, please join us on discord or submit a ticket.