MultiStream not working

  • 20 December 2019
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Yesterday I was streaming on facebook and twitch at the same time with no problem, but today I just cant do it, facebook is not responding to anything and twitch sometimes does.


Tried to manually add my Ingest Server and Stream Key in the custom ingest part but is not showing me Facebook configuration to put my stream name and everything, just twitch.

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78 replies

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Hey there, this is a known issue. We are looking into this. Please be patient and we will hopefully have this resolved soon.
Also you could try reinstalling Streamlabs OBS with a installer found here:
Then you could right click Streamlabs OBS and choose to run it as administrator.

The same problem here… I cant do multistream with twitch and facebook. Twitch seems to be working but no at the same time.

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Hey there @ArcaneJF Could you try to logout, close the program and then run Streamlabs OBS as admin and log back in with Twitch.

I am still having this issue even after logging out, closing the program, and running as Admin. I even reinstalled Streamlabs.

Yup, this happened to me as well!

Yesterday it was excellent streaming on twitch and facebook at the same time, not all of a sudden I can’t, but when I turn off the enable multistream I can stream on twitch.  


I hope there is a fix for this. 

I too am still encountering this problem and I too followed the recommended fix above.

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Hey all!

You may need to relink your secondary account (not primary) by unlinking it and linking it again.

I have Done that as well and it didnt do a thing. I can stream to twitch and facebook independently but no matter what I do or how many times I disconnect and reconnect my accounts it hasn’t made a difference.

Hey all!

You may need to relink your secondary account (not primary) by unlinking it and linking it again.


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Hey there @illuminatiam0402 @EvilPanda Izzy @butcrakmcgrath could you tell us your Twitch channel please so we can look into this issue :)

I’m having this same issue.  I’ve done everything above.  Nothing is working.

Hey there @illuminatiam0402 @EvilPanda Izzy @butcrakmcgrath could you tell us your Twitch channel please so we can look into this issue :)

Just saw this my apologies  Twitch is :

and on the off chance you need it the Facebook page is :

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Hey @crimetape & @illuminatiam0402 Could you try to use the multistream feature again and let us know if the issue persist please ?

Hi, i  can multistream  facebook/twitch but i have Lag problems, I didn't have these problems with others multistream apps, Any form to select a diferent server?  or just  one for now ?

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Hi there Swagnaros_HS,


You should be able to click “Stream to custom ingest” and change your server!


So did anyone get this working i can not stream to facebook and twitch anymore. it also reset my multi stream hours to 0 was working fine for about a week now i can only go live when i disable multi stream.

I’ve tried all the above and had to reset the stream many times. (I've streamed hundreds of hours on and off trying this without avail) It only works with Twitch or Facebook separately. I’d love to stream to youtube also, if able in the future. My streamlabs reset to zero many times for multistream hours and facebook. I’ve only had it working for both for less than 10 minutes before twitch goes black screen with an error and facebook stops working altogether. ( audio is the only thing heard on twitch) I hope this helps! 

Facebook page is “AJACE”.

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@Chronickillz Can I please have your Twitch username?


@AJACE177 The reason why it has not worked for you is because you do not have a gaming video creator page selected. (see pic) You must have that page type in order to get any credit for multistreaming.


@LovelyShimi Untrue. I had some credit for the page only on multi-stream. I don't have a lot because it didnt work a lot. I also tried with someone else on their accounts to see if it was just on my end and found out it was the same for theirs, whether gaming page or no. I don't care much about free stuff as I do trying to get the stream to work after 8 to 10 mins on both sides. Couldn't find facebook live video feed and no diagnostics from facebook live yet, but twitch only goes to audio within that time and on. I’ve had people in my chat make note of it for me for twitch. After I end the stream, 7 to 10 minutes only shows up on my facebook page. A product/service page is the same as a gaming page, except its more business-oriented.

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For your hours to get counted, you do need a Facebook GVC page connected (I know it sounds picky but that is how the feature was designed to work). Also, if you ever had toggled off the multistream function your hours will be reset back to 0.

As far as your Twitch Page giving your a black screen as well as the other issues, can you please give us a vod so that we can investigate further? If you can get us a screenshot of that error message you received as well that would also be really helpful!


Thank you for your patience :)

@LovelyShimi It also works with that type of page you screenshotted above. I created another in hopes that it will perform more as designed to your advice above. I didn’t know it would reset to zero if multistream is turned off. (good to know) I don't remember the code, I just remember chat and myself seeing an error message for video download error while live and only audio went through. I’m hoping this solves the issue tonight! As for documentation for it, I deleted the previous stream attempts. If any more issues are there, I’ll be back. Thanks for the ideas and advice!


I tried to mukti stream earlier and it streamed fine to twitch but nothing at all appeared on YouTube. It streamed no problem to twitch and didn't give me any error messages, but I've went in to check my YouTube account and there's no video of the stream there.


My username is the same as here. 


Thanks in advance 


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Hey @madwullie 

Our multistream feature is only for Twitch and Facebook at this time. Are you using a different restream service for YouTube?

hi i have a question. so when i do mutistream it goes on my Facebook but does not go onto my twitch. ITs just a black screen with the play button blinking. BUT when I dont do mutistream and just stream on Twitch it works fine . Also its weird because after streaming ON MUTISTREAM the video that streamed will post to twitch. Just doesnt play the live stream and has the black screen with the blinking play button .... SOMEONE PLEASE HELP TRIED EVERYTHING!


twitch is

facebook is

@LovelyShimi No luck. Same issues as the other page with this new one. Also, streamlabs obs crashed trying to use multistream after so long. Tried restarting it and nothing past 8 to 10 mins streaming shows up and video doesn't work for either stream. Tried many times.

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Hey @LuisHongo !


Are you going live via the “Go Live” button instead of going live via the pencil icon in the chat?



If you go live any other way than via the button above your stream will not show on the platform.