Live Stream Flickering when streaming Modern Warfare

  • 10 March 2020
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I have been streaming awhile now and when I try to stream Modern Warfare, it keeps flickering. Can you please help?


Video attached below:


Specs: Ryzen 2700x Processor, Rx580 GPU

13 replies

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Hey there!

A couple of questions for you:

- Which capture source are you currently using to capture the game?
Are you using Game, Display, or Window Capture to capture the game and does this happen for this specific game or for all games?

- Could you provide us with a screenshot of your Settings > Output as well as Settings > Video

- In your task manager, do you notice any spikes in CPU / GPU usage?


@Nevermind  Hey there!


Yeah let me see if I can help you with some of those questions.

  • I am currently using game capture. Is there a better setting I should be using?
  • this only happens when streaming Modern Warfare and no other games (I usually stream Apex, Escape from Tarkov, etc.)

I will post pictures of my settings below:


Under tune I have it set to none and the x264 options (separated by space) is blank


Video settings:



while streaming, I  have not noticed any spikes in CPU or GPU usage in other games other than the usual loss in a few frames in game. I do know Modern Warfare is very demanding game but I am hoping I can at least stream it without the flickering. Even if I have to lower my settings for the stream.


I appreciate all of the help!

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A few recommendations I can suggest to test out are:

- Try nvenc ( new ) for your encoder
- Try window capture and see if it continues to flicker. ( Trying out a new capture source for testing purposes will help provide us with some insight )
- Un-tick “enable streaming service encoder settings” 

With these changes, let us know if the flickering continues to happen.
You may also try creating an entirely new scene collection with absolutely nothing in it but test with both Game Capture and Window Capture as your options. ( Separately, of course )

@Nevermind  I will try this and let you know how it works!

@Nevermind  - i just checked my encoder settings and I do not have a nvenc option? 

@Nevermind  so when I use window capture, I just get a black screen so I decided to use display capture and see how that works. So far it looks like there are no issues but isn’t there a downside to using display capture as opposed to Window or game?

@Nevermind  - one last thing and sorry for all of the responses. I check my performance when running on display capture. My CPU and GPU both spike up about 20% when I got live and stay there. cpu is around 50-55% and GPU stays around 97%. Is this a big issue?


edit - please disregard this comment. the spikes were because I did not have the game open.

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Sounds good!

If you are having no issues with using Display capture that is fine!


Display capture will capture your entire monitor whereas Game capture will capture just the game you are streaming. 

@Edd  I hate to say it but even though the display capture helped with the flickering, every time I go live I get massive frame drops. My upload speed is at least 12mb per second. How can I fix this?

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Hi there @Lassssy!

And this was when you used the Display Capture source that you are experiencing frame drops correct?

Did you try creating a new scene collection which you can do by clicking on the arrow symbol facing downwards at the top of your Scenes list and selecting Mange All, to see if that helps with the Game Capture flickering issues by any chance?

Also if you have not done this yet make sure in the COD: MW in-game settings that ray tracing and anti aliasing is turned off as well.


Hey @TheBritishAndy !


I have tried creating a new scene and trying new sources. I will double check my settings and make sure ray tracing and AA are turned off then get back to you. 

i am having trouble with flickering as well, i am using nvenc new


I’m currently facing the exact same issue.
Have tried all suggestions. Using window capture is not workable as it is either black or has additional performance issues (yellow box around monitor screen, lost frames).
Using desktop capture seems to force my game to run at 60fps and not as smooth.
Game capture has almost no performance loss on my end but creates a flickering on my stream.
Choosing to limit capture framerate still produces the flicker.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?