LAN Streaming from phone but no audio

As the tittle states, I am using the LAN streaming feature on my phone to capture video and audio from my phone and send it over my network to my pc. However I cant seem to get any audio from the phone to stream to my computer. Is there something I am missing?

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Hey again!

Yeah I can't really assist with xSplit but on our side this is something we are working on.

I am going to send this thread to the devs so they can take a look. I've been messing with the app myself today since we started talking.
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Hey there!

I am not familiar with a "LAN" streaming feature via a mobile phone. What phone do you have?

Also, are you able to get this to work with any streaming software? Do get audio carried over to your PC that you can hear outside of Streamlabs OBS?
I have a google pixel 2, and what I mean is that I am using the stream labs obs app on my phone. I recently noticed an icon in the top right that looks like an internet router, when you click and hold over the button it refers to itself as LAN streaming.
I am able to get the video to stream fine with some minor hicups on xsplit and on SLOBS using the .mp4 url the guide it comes with provides. However no audio is being captured and I have checked to make sure that the microphone is not muted. No audio is carried over at all.
Also a side note, the guide it comes with has a typo in it, one line says ypur instead of your.
Tried the feature again this morning and now and it is working. Literally nothing has changed since last night, but oh well at least its working now.
*edit: now the problem is that is is connecting and disconnecting from the source(my phone) and freezing up on my streaming software
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Thanks for all the info. They recently updated the mobile app and are working on it diligently to get it all tweaked. It's still a beta application so reports like this are quite useful.

Now what exactly is freezing? The app or the entire phone?

Can you also link me the guide so I can get that fixed? Thanks for the report.
The video/audio both freeze every now and again, but I suspect it is my phones connection to my wifi router that is causing this problem. I suspect this because the small fix I have been able to find is that I just need to restart the connection with my browser source.

here is the link for the "guide" this pops up as a browser tab when you click on get stream url after clicking on LAN streaming.
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Hey again!

Alright I got you. This is on the latest update. I actually tested this myself earlier today.

It very well could be the issue.

I was right next to my PC when I set it up and it worked fine minus a bit of a delay, but I was also using FLV, not fMP4.

What do you set the bitrate to for the encoder?

How are you testing this feature? Did you add a Media Source to your streamlabs OBS scene?
The bit rate is 3870 kbps for max and for the encoder.
I am using both Xsplit and SLOBS to test the feature using the .fmp4 options as I haven't figured out how to use .flv on Xsplit(this is my main streaming program).
I have used a media source on SLOBS but I use a web source on Xsplit
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Hey again!

Yeah I can't really assist with xSplit but on our side this is something we are working on.

I am going to send this thread to the devs so they can take a look. I've been messing with the app myself today since we started talking.
I am also having problems with audio but on the other end of the pipe.
I am using the Streamlabs Mobile App on a Galaxy S9+.
I have successfully setup the new LAN streaming option using the defaults of
bitrate 3870 kbps
I am connecting to the stream with OBS Studio using a media source specifying the URL in the doc that the app generates.
I can receive the audio and the video in OBS
We ran a stream yesterday and used the S9+ with Streamlabs Mobile and LAN setup successfully with audio.
Today we tested the S9+ with the same LAN settings before our stream. All worked as expected. We left the S9+ on and streaming for about 1-2 hours until we needed it to go live.
During our stream when it was time to go to the remote camera (s9+ over LAN) it completely bricked the audio of the REST OF THE STREAM. In this setup we did not even want the S9+ audio but it did not matter if we muted or unmuted the S9+ media source AUDIO it still messed up the rest of the STREAM AUDIO. As soon as we made the S9+ media source VIDEO invisible in OBS the sound came back to normal and as soon as we made the media source VIDEO visible again it messed up the STREAM audio. The audience complained of no sound at all when the source was active. Listening back it is mostly silent but with some pops and cracks sort of like a loose cable type of sound (its not a loose cable).

The scene we had running in OBS Studio had our usual
2x C922 cameras with audio disabled
2x XLR mics
Scarlett 6i6 1st gen interface
VB Cable for specific App sound

Overnight Android updated Ver 9
Updated Streamlabs App today.

We used RTMP and NGINX server on our Win10 machine with the Streamlabs Mobile app before and while it was stable and worked without this issue, the quality and latency of the new LAN stream is much better. We really love the feature and have a lot of ideas to use it in our stream. But, we really need the stability. Its frustrating as we have no idea why it would act this way today when it was perfect yesterday.

Any idea what might be going on?
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Have you tried also to remove the media source completely and re-add a complete new source during your live stream or did you only tried to hide and re-show?
Also, could you link us to the VOD (preferably with timestamp) when you enabled the LAN streaming so we can have a better understanding what happened to look further into as well?
Thanks for the quick reply.
Here is a link to VOD. The link takes you to 1:51:58 and the switch happens at 1:52:09 so you can see it happen. If you scrub through you can see that we turn it on and off and the sound follows in lock step.
The only way we got the stream going was to start up NGINX and use the old RTMP setting we had in Streamlabs Mobile. You can see us switch here and the audio works perfect.

Are there any specific encoder output settings that could be causing a conflict? We stream and record with OBS each show. The error shows up on the stream and in the recording.

Thanks again. The LAN stream is much better than RTMP and I hope we can figure this out so I can use it.
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Can you send us a scree shot of the error you are seeing?

Thank you!
Can you send us a scree shot of the error you are seeing?

Thank you!

If this was meant for me, we are not seeing any error message. The outgoing (from obs to twitch) audio and recorded audio of the stream stop working whenever we try to use the LAN streaming as a camera in a scene.
Thank you.
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Yep, it was meant for you, all good though!

Have you made sure to try the following?
Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I have done that and I can get the stream and audio working perfectly ( as far as LAN stream from Streamlabs Mobile). I have done entire streams using the S9+ with the LAN Streaming with no issue. The problem I suddenly encountered was that the LAN Stream of the S9+ all of a sudden decided to interfere with the audio of the REST OF THE STREAM.
So the video from the S9+ came through fine and the audio did as well. But, on the output stream and in the recording the entire audio of the stream is messed up. It comes through as silent with occasional pops and skips like an old CD thats scratched. As soon as we disable the S9+ LAN Stream the sound works. Enable the source again, sound goes out. Further weirdness, in this particular setup we had the audio on the LAN Stream muted and only wanted the video. But, it messed up the stream audio even if we tried to mute and unmute the S9+ Lan Stream.

Its a curious issue since we have used the same setup the day before and it worked no problem. This happened during a live stream and the only fix ended up being to go back to NGINX and CUSTOM RTMP on the streamlabs mobile S9+ camera.

Any thoughts?