Basically when the pop up window comes to try and sign in with youtube it says

“You are trying to sign in from a browser or app that doesn't allow us to keep your account secure.

Try using a different browser.”

I really want to be able to sign and there seems to be no info on how to fix this. Please help

Link to my channel -


Best answer by jat0rz 17 December 2019, 20:50

Hey Everyone!

For the specific issue of not being able to login to Streamlabs OBS with your YouTube account, this should NOW BE RESOLVED.

The bot is a separate issue that is due to the limit on new tokens per day via Google.  This is still being looked into.

Thank you for your patience while we worked on this with YouTube and Google.

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boa noite. hoje cedo fiz uma live com o streamlabs obs no you tube e tudo bem. porém hoje á tarde tentei iniciar outra, agora n consigo logar minha conta google (do canal) no streamlabs obs, aparece a seguinte mensagem.


Não foi possível fazer seu login

Você está tentando fazer login em um navegador ou app que não nos permite manter sua conta segura.

Tente usar outro navegador. Saiba mais

Já tentei iniciar o streamlabs como em modo administrador. Mas por algum motivo o Google não está aceitando o login pelo streamlabs. O problema persiste.

  Infelizmente o login está sendo feito por algum tipo de navegador do programa e o Google não está reconhecendo como um navegador seguro. Eu já tirei todo tipo de segurança da minha conta Google do canal. Já inclui o streamlabs com permissão no javascript, mas nada resolveu. :(

I tried logging in to get started but this is the message Google printed:


You are trying to sign in from a browser or app that doesn't allow us to keep your account secure.

Try using a different browser. Learn more


I’ve already enabled “Less Secure Apps” in my Google settings, but it still won’t work.


Anyone have any solutions?

I am having this problem as well. I saw another post that said they ran stream labs as administrator and it fixed the problem for them. This didn’t work for me and I went to the “learn more” page and It doesn't really help as well. Please notify me if you have found a solution.

@RIni I will let you know. I also tried the administrator  method and it did nothingm I was this wasn’t issue we had to deal with. That’s why I posted my channel in the post I’ve made as in the other threads I have read the support on here always ask for the channel. So hopefully they can do something about it

I have the same problem, if you guys find a solution pls let me know

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Hey @Dubazaki  Thank you for your Youtube link, this issue is coming directly from YouTube and is only a subset of our users, not all YouTube users are experiencing this. We’re working with YouTube to resolve the issue, providing us your YouTube channel links let’s us get this investigated faster.

Hey there @RIni & @SaihajSB Please let us know your youtube channel link.

Hi @Must I am having the same issue with Streamlabels. I get the error message when I try to sign in. My channel is


This issue has stopped me from being able to stream today and is extremely frustrating as I have tried everything to fix it.



@Must my channel link is 

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Thanks for that @RIni 


We hope to have this resolved ASAP. 

hiii @Must my friends youtube channel has sme problem occuared when he tried open with fresh streamlabs app ...can you fix this also friends channel  is 

hey @Must  this is my youtube link i have the same problem:




I’m having the same issue. @Must 


Channel ID:

@Must my channel link-

this is my channel link

@Must same problem here my link:

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@SaihajSB  @Team HydroFN  @adgaming 

Thank you for providing your links. I went ahead and forwarded them to our devs.


Thank you for your patience! 

I’m having the same issue 



@Must same problem

Same problem here:

Hey everyone! @CosminiusStrategyHD @ss4chicken @Six @Leenix @Bappa maza Official .


Thank you for providing these for us and thank you for your patience!


Doesn't work for us either and we are about to stream :(

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Thank you @Cas and Chary VR  & @ColdTrollz !


I have now passed along your accounts. :) 

i have the problem also my channel is

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Thank you @Sp3cs