I have problem with closing the software

  • 6 April 2020
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it never save anything I do and it never closed down normally till I use task manager ?

1 reply

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Hi @ashdust87,

Sorry to hear you are having issues here. This may be due to outdated or missing software on your computer. Here are a few suggestions that should help below. 
` Please do a custom clean install of your graphics diver following these steps exactly. If you have GeForce Experience open that and download the latest driver. After downloading the driver choose a custom installation <> After that select a clean install <>.
` Grab a fresh installer from and reinstall Streamlabs OBS
` Reinstall your C++ redistributables <>
` Check for Windows updates. 
` Right click Streamlabs OBS and choose to run it an administrator
` Make an entirely new scene collection and be conservative when adding your sources.
` Restart your computer

Here is a guide that covers a few more issues. <>

If this does not help, please let us know your Windows version, your CPU and graphics card specs.