I have a serious problem

  • 5 April 2020
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I stream with my camera and the facerig filter to maintain my identity and at the same time be able to interact with the public in an optimal way, but streamlabs causes lag and packet loss in the stream with the excuse that my processor is overloaded, when This is barely 60% 40%, before this did not happen to me, I would like to know what happens and be able to solve it, since with the specifications I have, this should not be a problem

1 reply

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When troubleshooting issues such as this, it is imperative that we know if it is skipped, lagged, or dropped frames as they are all very different when it comes to resolving the issue. To be sure of what it is, you can check the notifications icon in the lower left-hand corner of Streamlabs OBS. So, just to be sure, is it skipped, lagged, or dropped frames?

Since you mentioned packet loss and lag, I would suggest a few things that may help.
` Lock your FPS in-game to 60
` Right click Streamlabs OBS and choose to run it an administrator
` Try lowering your in-game settings to all low.
` Disable Game Bar <> & Game Mode <> in Windows
` Lowering your encoder settings or changing encoders in Streamlabs OBS (Settings > Output > Encoder)
` Look to see if there are any Windows updates available.
` Make an entirely new scene collection and be conservative when adding your sources.
` Please do a custom clean install of your graphics diver following these steps exactly. If you have GeForce Experience open that and download the latest driver. After downloading the driver choose a custom installation <> After that select a clean install <>.
` Grab a fresh installer from and reinstall the program.
` Reinstall your C++ redistributables <>
` Enabling Performance Mode* in Streamlabs OBS * (Right-click in the blank space, in the Editor Tab, next to the preview window) <>
` Restart your computer

If that does not help, please post screenshots of your Streamlabs OBS output settings and details of your CPU and GPU specs.

Guide for improving performance and frames: <>