how to set delay on game capture

  • 12 February 2020
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Hello, Im using a gopro 6 hooked up to an elgato hd60 capture card for my webcam so there is a delay at 850ms which i just synced up with my blue yeti mic. this is not synced up with the game play. I tried to use render delay but it wont let me go past 500ms. What do i do to sync all this up together? 

3 replies

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Hey there.

For render delay the maximum is 500 ms, incredibly sorry for the inconvenience.

 If the Audio is coming in before the Video, you would want to add a Audio Sync Offset.
- Advanced Audio Settings (Gear Icon to the Top Right of the Mixer in the Editor Window)

 If the Video is coming in before the Audio, you would want to add a Render Delay Filter.
- Right Click on the Source in your Sources List > Click Filters > Add a Render Delay Filter

Is there any workaround for this yet? I’m having the exact same issue.  Can’t sync my game play because of the 500 ms cap. Really need a solution.

For anyone else that comes across this post looking for a solution.  The render delay is capped at 500ms, BUT, you can add a SECOND render delay filter (for a total of 2 Render Delay Filters) and add on an additional, lets say 350ms, in order to get your gameplay to sync appropriately. This would give you 850ms of delay, as asked for in the original post.

 I hope this helps.