How to add a IOS Camera as my webcam on Streamlab

  • 3 April 2020
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I’m wondering if there is a way I can add my IPHONE XR as as source of video capture on Stream Labs Desktop for Mac?

That is what I normally run in OBS but have made the switch to Streamlabs

8 replies

At this moment in time….not really.  You can use Camera for OBS to make an NDI source, but that’s it.


Another (not great) option is to just open the camera in OBS Studio and use a region capture to pull it into Streamlabs (kinda gross).  Sorry...lots of folks asking for this feature, no action so far.

wondering the same!

download and pay for the app EpocCam HD.  (the free app works also but you give up a lot of functionality

As long as both your MacBook and your phone are the same WiFi network it will transmit your video to your MacBook.

I was trying to create multiple camera shots for our church live stream and found this to be the best solution for me

I can have my cell phone camera view untethered to my MacBook and I us my iPad tethered as the main camera shot.

Sorry, but i’m a noob and need clarification on this…

There is no way to use the OBS Camera app and add a ‘iOS Camera’ source (as there is in OBS)?

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Hey all, 

There are many apps in the google play store and the apple store that function as an IP camera if your computer and phone are on the same network. If the NDI method is giving you issues, some apps will allow you to use a public URL and then you can add that to Streamlabs OBS as a browser source. 

I am using an IPhone 11 running EpocCam app.  I am getting a huge camera delay/lag.  Can anybody help please?

Update to what I’ve just posted (The other one is in moderation as I post this!).

So, I posted that i’m using iVcam on iOS for my iPhone 7 and iPod 6th gen as my camera source, then have them both loaded through the video capture option on obs.  I can have up to 3 devices on at once (They get really hot when in use! I have no idea if a logitech webcam would produce any heat, not used them in years!).  Picture quality is fairly good, although the iVcam app tries to auto focus, even when switched off, so you have to periodically check the desktop/laptop preview screen you have open, to refresh it; and all goes great!

Ideally, connect with a USB to lightning cable, try not to use wi-fi as it causes issues in drop-outs.  

I was looking to see if there was a streamlabs camera app for ios, how I found this topic?

I added in my last post that the disco and laser lights I was using, anything in green would show as being black after the latest update of obs.  I’ve just read another post in the forums and have discovered that I needed to delete my camera source and reinstall it again.  It also has the solution for logitech users (Don’t know if links are allowed, but here goes…..)

So mark my issue as ‘Resolved’. :sunglasses: