Having Issues with Disconnecting every 1 hour when streaming, possible fixes?

  • 5 September 2019
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So Ive read some of the past threads and tried fixes and have not got any where. So to start here is a picture of my speed test.

Something to note, like last night when I streamed Smash Brothers Ultimate my stream disconnected but the viewers playing in the Smash Online arena stayed connected and experienced no lag. With my Switch and PC being connected to the same router that makes me think my settings in StreamLabsOBS are messed up.

So next I read some trouble shooting and did the Twitch test, here is the picture for that.

I am open to all ideas as I'm not sure what to do. As of right now my server setting is to "Auto (recommended)"

So to end this post I will put my output settings in.

Thank you for any future feedback and help. I am pretty new to this and this is week 2 of streaming. Week 1 went smooth and I had no issues.

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Hey again!

No problem! I am happy we are getting somewhere with this! Just keep me posted. I have my fingers crossed!
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Hi there!
With your results I would recommend you use the Chicago, IL server :)

If that doesn't help I would have you try binding your IP (settings>advanced>scroll down to network) your numbers should start with 192.x. or 10.x
Sounds good, when I stream tonight ill use dallas Texas as my server. I did also noticed I didnt have streamlabs OBS allowed through my firewall, which I do now.

Hopefully my stream goes great tonight, ill report back with the results. Thank you for your reply so quickly!
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no worries! Happy to assist however I can. Please let me know if that fixes your issue if not, we'll try something else 🙂
So as an update 45 min into my stream tonight it disconnected, with all the new settings. very strange.
So after restarting my router and logging out of Streamlabs OBS and logging back in I did a 5 hour stream with only 1 random reconnection, still confused on my end on what could be causing it.
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Hey there!

Just trying to catch up on this thread and wanted to say/ask a few things.

1) Are you using WIFI or Wired to your router?

2) Your Switch is using Download, PC is using Upload, so they would not be comparable in terms of why one is connected and the other is not.

Well, we are getting somewhere if you are only down to a single reconnect, which unfortunately can happen. Best thing to do would be to test a few times and see how frequent it is still happening.

Please let us know, thanks!

1) Im using Wired Connection to the router.

2) ok this makes sense.

So last night in 5 hours i disconnected about 4 times. During each disconnection/recconetion period I ran a speed test and was pulling 400-500 Mbps Down and 800+ Mbps Up. I also tried lowering my bitrate from 6000 to 5000 and once i did that I actually disconnected about 5 mins of going live.

Im going to try my 6000 Bitrate and from Chicago based on my results and not Texas this next stream.

Its odd how its completely smooth all other times.

Thanks for the response!
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Hey again!

No worries. Keep me posted on how the Chicago server goes.

Really this is not going to be a software issue as far as I can tell, but an intermittent connection issue.

You may also want to try opening the outbound port 1935 for TCP on your Router. You can check out for that, or call your ISP and ask them to do it!
Yes I 100% I think its an intermittent issue. So my recommended Bitrate is 6000 I dropped it down to 2500 but I dont believe this is the issue so would it be fine to raise it back to 600?

Could port forwarding solve the intermittent issue or would that be more with my actual connection from my ISP.

Thank you for all of the responses!
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Hey again!

According to your current upload you should definitely be able to use a 6000 bitrate but if you are experiencing packet loss/disconnects it is going to cause it to fluctuate.

It definitely could resolve it if the port was the specific issue, but it is not guaranteed.

Also I would recommend checking your Settings --> Output and making sure that "Enforce Streamer Encoder Settings" is NOT checked.
Will do, using the "?bandwithtest=true" im currently 1.5 hours into it and so far so good after the port forward.

I will switch my Bitrate back my current test is with 2500, also I will uncheck that after the test as well. Aiming for about 5 hours without any issues, as thats about as long as I stream at one time.

Thanks for all this help and quick responses!
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Hey again!

No problem! I am happy we are getting somewhere with this! Just keep me posted. I have my fingers crossed!
So bad results, this is what I got, as you can see it went unstable and during those 29 seconds I disconnected then reconnected.

But its weird cause netflix, youtube etc open on my computer didn't go down at all.

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Hey again!

Netflix, YT, all that, is using your DOWNLOAD. Streaming uses your UPLOAD.

They would not be comparable. I would definitely recommend contacting your ISP.

Are you WIFI or Wired?
I use Wired, also I have contacted my ISP and they said they wont be able to get back to me till later this week, I assume this is an ISP problem then?
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Hey again,

Yes it would be. There is not a setting in OBS or anything on our end that can correct a network issue unfortunately. I hope you get it resolved! Please let us know if it comes back to us!
Just wanted to post for resolution. My ISP denied it being an issue for about 5-6 days and no they say they dont know why its dropping and are looking into it. All I know is its out of my hands.

Thanks for all the help!