Game capture not found in Sources

  • 3 April 2020
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Today, I downloaded the MacOS version of Streamlabs OBS. I start setting up for a potential recording, and noticed that I couldn’t find the Game Capture anywhere in the Sources. I don’t know what’s the problems, can someone help me out?


7 replies

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Hey all and thanks for the video @arkanp007,

This is a helpful point in utilizing Display capture. MacOS does not have Game Capture as we know it on Windows, as their graphics APIs do not allow for this. Users will need to either use a window capture source or a desktop capture.

I hope this information helps!

This man found the solution to this 


This seems like such a big issue to me… without Game Capture, and with Window Capture not recognising any games that I’m trying to stream as a source, that leaves only Display Capture. Using Display Capture means that you have to fullscreen the game, and you can’t monitor your stream unless you’re using a second display…

I’m not sure if I’m conceiving correctly of how this is all supposed to work, but using the computer to run the game, capture, and stream, all on one screen… is it possible?

Same issue being discussed here:

Same issue here. Game Capture is a required source and the other options are just simply not viable. 

The other options being

  1. Display Capture which streams EVERYTHING or
  2. Window Capture which ‘works’ but only if you don’t mind your frame rate falling through the floor as it is seeming designed for static windows.

In my case I am trying to stream Pokemon TCGO which does not require much in system resources to run, leaving plenty of system resources available to SLOBS, nor does it require a high frame rate or resolution. However while things stream buttery smooth in Desktop Capture mode I hate not being able to use my computer to monitor the stream or use other programs without my viewers seeing everything. Window Capture as a source sinks the frame rate to the point of being unwatchable.

Same issue being discussed here:

It’s actually not the same issue. I’m having the same issue. I stream games to twitch and I have El Gato 60S+ and I have been using the streamlabs Mac app for a week, everything is fine except using video capture I have no audio and game capture option does not exist on the app for me. It’s simply not an option in sources even tho all other youtube videos of other ppls application clearly has it.  Clearly a development issue amongst certain downloads. 

I am having the same issue, but when i download Streamlabs into the Windows side of my HD, it is an option. Help!