Frame drops while streaming

  • 22 February 2020
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hi all,

I have a weird case that and I would like to have your thoughts.

To start with my PC specs:

Core i7-3770 3.4 GHz Quad-Core Processor

Asus Maximus V Extreme Motherboard

 XFX Radeon RX 580 8 GB GTS Black Core Edition (a recent upgrade from GTX 670 2GB)

16 GB RAM / Win 10


I stream PUBG Mobile custom room challenges on Facebook, and I suffer from serious frame drops.

But what is weird:

When I test the stream on 720, the video rate and bitrate is very smooth on 30 fps as you can see picture 1.

When I test the stream on 1080, there is a bit of fluctuation in video rate and bitrate, but it is very accpetable video quality in-game (PUBG Mobile Tencent Emualtor) and in stream as you can see in picture no. 2.  

Now, when the real work comes in, when I steam a PUBG room challenge on the same 1080 settings, things go really bad as you can see in picture no. 3. The video quality becomes very unaccpetable with lots of frames dropped. What’s funny that I can see the game in-steam looking like 10-15 fps and in-game as well (Pubg Emulator window) while on the same emulator window the on-screen fps reads 55-59 fps!

When I change the in-game & in-emualtor settings to 720 and 30 fps the video quality becomes acceptable without noticable drops in-game or in-stream.

The question is: why would the steam quality at 1080 be differnet while testing than the real stream?

in both cases I create a PUBG room and go live on Facebook, the only difference is while testing it is only 1 or 2 players, while when it is a real stream there will be 70-80 players in the custom room.


would the video card driver make a huge a difference and be the reason? I can’t install the latest driver as when I try to do it Windows freezes while (AMD is checking software & hardware compitability).

Would a video card driver affect the stream video quality? and why I could play at 1080 and also stream at 1080 whithout issues, but when I do a custom room challenge at 1080 then I get frame drops?

From my humble knowledge, my rig specs should be OK to play & stream at 1080.

Any thoughts or suggestions are heighly apprecaited.




3 replies

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Hey Elkobtan,

I have seen a few issues with Facebook's quality when it comes to streaming. Facebook has a recommended framerate of 30 FPS and resolution of 720, so perhaps this is a transcoding issue. I would recommend setting your output to Facebook’s recommended settings and untick the box for “enforce streaming service encoder settings.”

thanks, will give it a try with my next stream.

I have the same exact problem. Can you please share with me how to fix it? 

Really need help here.