Downloading new themes

  • 18 February 2020
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Hello! So, I am trying to re download a theme I had on. I’m not really sure what happened. Last night mid stream half my theme just… went away. I don’t know what happened or how to fix, so I went back to the source. I deleted all the old theme to avoid any mix up. When I hit the button to download the theme I want, I get a popup saying OBS wants to open Streamlabs OBS. I say yes, but nothing happens. OBS pops up, but nothing else. If I remember correctly, it was pretty autonomous, I just had to pick which one, and they all went to where they were suppose to be (the theme packet). That isn’t happening this time. Wat do? 


Edit: Seems you can’t get the themes from the website, you have to get them from the desktop app. One of those days right now.

2 replies

Im having a similar issue I've been on it for a whole day. Extremely frustrated. Log in and out I uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing. My internet is fine I've ran it on admin and still nothing. Im a plus member and if it can't be solve I just want my money back. I have a sufacebook pro so it should even be an issue. Please help


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Hey there,

If you navigate to the theme store in Streamlabs OBS is it properly installing now for you? If not, could you provide a screenshot of what is going wrong? Thanks!