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  • 14 March 2020
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“Server Error”

“Something went Wrong”


I’m going live Monday, I’ve tried with multiple Credit cards and accounts (my wife tried on her phone) and no donations are getting accepted.


Please help, thank you,

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6 replies

I just checked “Verified account status”


I cannot accept Credit Card donations because I do not meet the following criteria:

  • Have a proven track-record of legitimate use.
  • Demonstrate a consistent pattern of concurrent viewers and followers.

Is this correct?

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Hey there @bmskarate 


This is typically correct, however I see you both have PayPal legacy and current PayPal integrations linked, can you please unlink the legacy integration and confirm if this resolves the issue or not?

I am having the same issue while testing my donations, can you please assist?


Thank  you

I´´m having the same issue.

I tried to unlink the legacy integration but it doesn´´t work

same issue here 

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Hey all, 

For further assistance, please join us on discord or submit a ticket.