Display Capture Won't Work

  • 1 April 2020
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I just started using Streamlabs OBS and i have past experience with OBS Studio. Whn I added a display capture, the preview was black and i tried deleting it and adding it again, but it still would not work. Can someone give me tips on how to solve this problem?

3 replies

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Hey @PizaChezburgr,
This could be due to a few possible issues. Are you on a laptop or desktop computer? 

If you are on a laptop, add a display capture source. <> Go to your Streamlabs OBS advanced settings and make sure “Force GPU as render device” is not checked. <> Then, go to settings -> general, and click this box to disable hardware acceleration, then restart Streamlabs OBS. <> Now right click Streamlabs OBS, hover over "run with graphics processor" and click "integrated graphics." <> If you follow these steps exactly in this order, it should resolve your issue.

If this does not resolve your issue, I believe this can be resolved by a layout modification. 

To do this, first go to your layout editor in Streamlabs OBS. <> Now click and drag an “Editor Display” component over to where you want to be able to see and edit the appearance of your stream. <> Next, click on the “Save Changes” button in the upper right corner, then go back to your Streamlabs editor tab. <> You should now be able to modify and see your sources. 

I have the same problem and all I want to know how to do is make my capture turn into a window I have open (fortnite)

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Hi @nesspc !

Please reach out in discord server or in ticket there should be you can help! The forum is currently closed. The support is mainly focused in discord or ticket system. or