Cloudbot not working on my YT chanel

  • 6 April 2020
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I'm trying to get cloudbot for like 2 weeks now on my YT channel but I can't get it working.. I especially want it for the loyalty system but I dont know what I'm doing wrong..


It's enabled, streamlabs is a mod on my YT channel, im logged in with my YT channel on SL.. In the settings of the loyality system its also on ENABLED.. I watched several tutorials of how to setup Cloudbot ffor my YT channel but I literally did everything I could do.. 


The positive thing is that I can see people that earned points on my channel but we just can't get it in my YT chat which is needed :(


I hope someone can help me out with this problem.


Thank you.

1 reply

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Hey @aaygun96,

Could you make sure you are streaming to only one public and listed stream when you are doing this? Also, try using the recommended settings in Streamlabs OBS and not custom ingest server settings. If that does not work, try toggling cloudbot off for a minute and then back on in your cloudbot settings online. If that does not help, can you link your YouTube channel so we can look into your account further?