Chat overlay missing only in game

  • 22 February 2020
  • 2 replies

I have enabled the in game overlay feature, it's worked in the past but for the past few days it will show up in the Stream labs OBS app, but not in game. The moment I run a game it disappears.   I have tried various hotkeys, toggled the feature on and off while in game and out, but nothing I have done so far has enabled the overlay back into the game itself. 

2 replies

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Hey there @zombiesn0t 


The in-game overlay shouldn’t be appearing in the Streamlabs OBS app - are you enabling it, or enabling resizing mode? 

Please try your games in borderless fullscreen mode as well 

Hello, Streamlabs team, I'm using google translator.

1.- Is it possible for chat messages to appear on my screen during the game? And alert boxes too?

2.- I have a delay on the webcam in relation to the audio, I can't solve it, what can it be? Thanks in advance