Can't Open Mac Streamlabs dmg

  • 2 April 2020
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Hey - I can’t get the dmg to open up on the new Mac version of Streamlabs - I just get the spinning wheel of death and have to restart every time. Have tried downloading multiple times. Anyone got any suggestions? I have a macbook pro with chrome on it and obs works fine but I can’t get the new mac streamlabs to open up. 


I guess I could try safari instead of chrome for the dl and see what happens? 

9 replies

Yes -- a very basic thing that doesn’t work. I wonder what machines they’re testing on.

The other basic thing would be a list of minimum system requirements. 

Here’s what I did: open the DMG with disk utility; it’ll show as a disk drive. Right click on it and choose “show in finder.” What happened for me is a finder window showed up with the application icon, an icon for the applications folder (an alias for it) and an arrow instructing to drag to that applications folder. 

This moves the file into the applications folder. 

I tried opening the .dmg file in disk utility and it still won’t let me.

I’m having the same exact issue? Has anyone been able to fix this issue???

I’m getting the same thing and moving it out of the download folder doesn’t help. I download it, and open it, and it’s fine for about 3 seconds, then the spinning wheel starts and doesn’t stop. I can’t close it either. I’ve tried redownloading several times and then deleting and nothing works.

Just did a deep dive into their twitter -- it’s really frustrating because I couldn’t seem to find any actual system requirements anywhere on here, but they did mention in their tweets (in a rather confusing way….) that Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave) and up are supported…. I’m a bit confused because their response was to a tweet that used the wrong numbers when referring to Catalina, and I know there’s been a ton of issues with streamlabs obs on catalina reported so I’m not sure if it’s completely supported there, but I would try upgrading/downgrading to Mojave if you’re not already there and trying that out… that’s what I’m trying now, will report back. 

The tweet:

Yep -- just updated to Mojave and it worked like a charm. 

So based on what I’m reading, I CAN’T run this program on OS Sierra? I have to update to something else?

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Hey @itshidefinition,

Officially, only macOS 10.14 (Mojave) and up are supported. I hope this information helps!

Here is what i have done.


I went to Github, as they are open source.

Downloaded the Clone in Zip format. (find a button CLONE)

Extracted it in the same folder where I have downloaded the DMG files TWICE.

and tried with the newly downloaded DMG file and it BOOM! it worked.

(I guess, few files were missing when binding the DMG) 

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Thank you steamlabs.