Blurry Text On Streamlabs OBS?? ANY FIXES

  • 28 March 2020
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( Photos at the bottom  )


Ive been trying to set up my stream for the pass 3 days now and i cant not find a fix for my problem anywhere.

im hoping someone can point me in the right direction

when using streamlabs everything is fine from frames to gameplay but the one thing that ruins it all is the TEXT OF ANYTHING I RECORD ( even when not streaming its all blurry just through streamlabs )

now keep in minded gameplay text is closer together and smaller then what im showing here making it all unreadable


If anyone can help i would appreciate the hell out of you.

cant find anything anywhere on how to fix this.


3 replies

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Hey @OiBeautiful,

How are you capturing your console? Is this being done with a capture card? If so, what is the resolution that your have your capture card set to in the source properties and what is your output resolution in Streamlabs OBS? I would also suggest you look into your computer graphics settings and turn off image sharpening if it is enabled. 

I hope that helps!

Any fixes here on AMD? My text/font on streamlabs is blurry i cant find a fix



having the same problem.