Black screen on any capture

  • 5 April 2020
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So I recently started off as a Rainbow 6 Siege streamer with barely any issues, my only issue was some lag which was later resolved. Suddenly around two days ago, my captures started just freezing mid-stream. Since then it began getting worse it got more freezeframes as well as just black screens. I could fix this back then by switching the program it would be capturing and switching it back. Now it won’t give my any response, all Display Capture, Window Capture and Game Capture tend to be totally black when I try to select my Rainbow game. Does anyone have a solution to this? I tried about everything I could find.

1 reply

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Hey @zer0twowo,

Sorry to hear you are having issues here. Rainbow 6 game capture is a known issue due to the game’s API. Are you on a laptop or desktop? If you are on a laptop, add a display capture source. <> Go to your Streamlabs OBS advanced settings and make sure “Force GPU as render device” is not checked. <> Then, go to settings -> general, and click this box to disable hardware acceleration, then restart Streamlabs OBS. <> Now right click Streamlabs OBS, hover over "run with graphics processor" and click "integrated graphics." <> If you follow these steps exactly in this order, it should resolve your issue.

If you are on a desktop, please follow these steps below.

` Right click Streamlabs OBS and choose to run it an administrator
` Disable Game Bar <> & Game Mode <> in Windows as well as other 3rd party overlays.
` Look to see if there are any Windows updates available.
` Make an entirely new scene collection and be conservative when adding your sources.
` Please do a custom clean install of your graphics diver following these steps exactly. If you have GeForce Experience open that and download the latest driver. After downloading the driver choose a custom installation <> After that select a clean install <>.
` Grab a fresh installer from and reinstall the program.
` Reinstall your C++ redistributables <>
` Restart your computer

If that does not help, please post screenshots of your Streamlabs OBS output settings and details of your CPU and GPU specs.