Alert problems... getting super flustered!

  • 11 January 2020
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so my alerts have stopped working altogether. they stareted working again for 2 days after obs had an update then stopped again. its been a month. every bit of info and tips on here and internet searches has not solved the problem…. im getting very upset with this service and am very much thinking about switching to stream elements…… i need someone to fix my problem now theres no reason this should be happening….


Best answer by SecSeaBeast 1 June 2020, 03:29

Hey @TyrionDaSauceGod,

The picture you posted fo your browser source properties look correct. You may want to go back to that window and press the “refresh cache” button. 

If you are in need of further assistance, please join us on discord or submit a ticket.



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33 replies

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Hey there,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues! Could we get a little bit more information?

What is your username and streaming site?
Do alerts work if you pop out the widget URL on the website?
Can you go into SLOBS > Settings > Advanced > Sources > Enable Browser Source Hardware Acceleration (try turning this off or on then restarting SLOBS)?


yes ive tried that. literally any and all troubleshooting or fixes that you can find anywhere in here or anywhere on the internet. DOESNT HELP. im not going through everything ive done. streamlabs needs to fix my stuff. my alerts do not work period. they dont come up or make noise. ive gone to SLOBS and tried that too. ive tried deleting them and putting them back. ive tried logging in and out of streamlabs and obs. ive tried messing with the advanced setting like many tutorials have walked me through. ive tried everything you can possibly find on the internet to solve the problem and nothings working…..

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Hello there @TyrionDaSauceGod!

Could you please let us know what website you stream to?
And what username are you using on the said website?

Im using twitch and my user name is tyriondasaucegod

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Hey again,

I took a look at your account and went ahead and reloaded your widgets, as that may help.

All of your settings look correct so the issue may be along the lines of the following:





Those can help in some cases with alerts breaking. 

Have you tried testing with OBS Studio and using a browser source with the widget URL to see if the alerts cause the same issue?

Since you have done most of the troubleshooting already, this is what I have to suggest.

Sorry but this hasnt helped ill check out the links youve given me though. and yes i have tried using the widget url. the same problem occurs

ok ive gone through both of those links instructions and nothing has helped

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Hey again!

Just to recap here, you have tried both Streamlabs OBS and OBS Studio?

You have verified the Widget URL is correct and copy/pasted it again to be sure?

The problem here is that I have no issue getting it to work on my end, in both versions of the software.

I did a live follow, on my own account, and here is the result:

In most situations, if we can get the alerts to work on our end, on our own PCs, then the issue is on your end.

We need to look at your browser source properties in OBS Studio, as well as go through that firewall guide one more time, as that is the most common issue of alerts being blocked.

ok so what should i do exactly?? and it doesnt make sense that it would be any of these problems cause why would it work one day when theres an update then stop working again all of sudden 

it was working fine for 4 months straight stopped working for a week. worked fine for 2 days than stopped again and its been over a month. without me doing anything to them it did all of this

i understand how to copy the url but where do i paste it? it will not let me paste it

even the regular bits donation alert which is built into obs doesnt work no alerts work. i didnt even personalize that one. my obs just doesnt want to do alerts

ok i just checked not sure if something i did following ur instructions fixed it or if you fixed it on ur end but theyre working now. but my ptsd on the issue is scared they will stop working again one day...

and now theyve stopped working again… for no reason…


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Hi there @TyrionDaSauceGod!

If you are having issues trying to paste your alert box URL, you would just need to create a new source in either Streamlabs OBS or OBS Studios and select Browser Source, you will then be able to paste the alert box url there.

Once you have done that please then right click your Browser Source and then select properties, and send over a screenshot of your said properties so we can be able to look & see what you have setup.


ok i copied the url and created a new source i still dont get where to paste tho?? where do i click browser source

ok i got it make a browser source but it wont let me paste the url. when i right click it nothing comes up….

ok i think i got it


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Hi there @TyrionDaSauceGod 


Just checking in. Were you able to test through the browser source method?

What were your results?

still not working. 

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Hey there @TyrionDaSauceGod Could you go in your Antivirus and exclude Streamlabs OBS.exe from it please. I would also suggest to to bottom left of Streamlabs OBS to :gear: > General -  click “show cache directory” then close  the program and go to plugin_config\obs-browser in the window that opened, here you’ll delete the folder named Cache and re-open Streamlabs OBS.

that did not do anything either….


ok so im starting to feel like ive tried eveything… and nothings fixing the problem…. my alerts worked fine for months then all of a sudden obs updates and messes that all up. and nothings fixing it. ive tried eveything yal have said to do. this is rediculous. its obviously something wrong on yal end and you need to fix this. i shouldnt have to come onto my studio and suddenly something thats worked fine just stops working for no reason. YOU NEED TO FIX THIS STREAMLABS

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Please remove your alert box and all the sources from the current scene.


Then re-add an alert box and the other sources back but to a new scene. 



have tried that a few times doesnt work…...