Alert box notifications the same even with multiple widget themes

  • 6 April 2020
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I need a few different styles of alerts, one for each type of stream I do. I've created different scene collections, and then made different widget themes and tied them to the appropriate scene collection. But no matter what I do, changing the alert style appears to impact ALL of the widget themes. For example, I changed the color of the donation alert text in Scene A, switched to Collection B, and the change was there too.

I’ve seen multiple topics about this, and it seems the screenshots are usually for a much older version of Streamlabs OBS, or the person who opened the topic never replied whether the solution worked for them.

Please help!

1 reply

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Hey @DJniqV,

Sorry to hear you are having issues here. To set up an alert box using a different widget theme, please follow these steps below.

1) Go to and click on "Manage Themes"

2) On the widget themes page, create a new widget theme, then press the "Use" button to make it active.

3) Now you can go to your alerts and edit it how you wish. Disable/enable each alert as desired and hit save at the bottom. Make sure to do this for all your platforms. To get to your other platforms, click your avatar in the upper right corner.

4) After that is done, go back to the Manage themes page, and click the link icon.

5) That will open a page like this, where you can copy that specific widget URL. In this case, click the alert box URL to show it and highlight it, then copy that specific URL. 

6) Now you can create a new browser source in Streamlabs OBS and use that URL!

I hope following these steps help!