Remote Control Streamlabs OBS with Your Phone

  • 13 February 2019
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Streamlabs OBS can be controlled from your Android or IOS mobile device. When enabled, with the click of a button on your phone you can go live, change scenes, start recording and more.



To use Streamlabs OBS Remote you need to have a phone capable of running the latest version of Streamlabs OBS Remote Controll App. Download it from the Android Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore!

  • Android version 4.3 or higher.
  • iOS version 10 or higher.


Connect RC Over Local Network

1) Have Streamlabs OBS Remote Controll app on your phone up-to-date.
2) Connect your mobile device to the same local network Streamlabs OBS is on.

  • Make sure that 'AP Isolation' or 'Access Point Isolation' is not enabled.
  • If using a guest wifi point, allow devices to access the local network.


3) Allow Streamlabs OBS through the firewall.

4) Open Streamlabs OBS ⚙️ on the QR-code.
5) Start the application on your phone and go to Remote Control.
6) Scan the QR code with the scanner.


Unable to connect Streamlabs Mobile App

If you are still unable to connect to Streamlabs OBS, and you are sure you have opened the firewall and are on the same local network, go to ⚙️Settings > Remote Control and click SHOW on the blurred QR-code and then click Show Details below the QR-code and Generate New to generate a new API key. After doing so reboot your computer and try connecting the Streamlabs Remote again by scanning the QR-code.


Connect RC Over Internet

It is possible to connect the RC via the internet but some advanced network knowledge might be required. Also, do keep in mind that if your home internet is on a dynamic IP address from your ISP that this IP can change and that you need to adjust this accordingly if changed. You can also use something like noip.com.
1) Make sure that RC is connected via Local Network first.
2) Open and forward port 59650 in your router to the computer running Streamlabs OBS.

  • You can change the default 'external' port, but forward to 59650 internally.

3) Open Streamlabs OBS Remote Control app on your mobile device.
4) Head to ⚙️Settings -> Remote Control→ Connection URL
5) Change the IP to your Public IP address or address (noip.com).

  • To get your public address you can check out whatismyip.com.
  • If you used another port to forward replace the default port.

6) Press OK and go back to the Remote screen .

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