Aero in Windows 7- How to Setup in Order to Use Streamlabs OBS

  • 12 March 2019
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Windows Aero is a graphical user interface (GUI) first introduced in Windows Vista. To use Streamlabs OBS on Windows 7, Aero needs to be enabled.

How to enable Aero on Windows 7:
  1. Close Streamlabs OBS and then select any Aero Theme from Control Panel.
  2. Open the applications Command Prompt from your windows search bar & run it as admin.
  3. Type net stop uxsms
  4. Hit enter and let it process (few secs)
  5. Type net start uxsms
  6. Hit enter again.
Aero should now be on and you can open Streamlabs OBS again. You'll know it's on if the application window header bar is translucent. (see screenshot below)

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3 replies

perfect, thank you!
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It doesn't work

Could you try the following guide by using the commands
net stop uxsms
first and then
net start uxsms
after in the Windows command prompt (ran as administrator) and restart your computer.

If you have a specific Streamlabs or Streamlabs OSB issue then please make a new topic describing your issue and what you have already tried or done!
It doesn't work