Merch Store In Under 60 Seconds- Here's how

  • 14 February 2019
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Having a merch store is a great way for your viewers to support you and promote your channel by showing off a hoodie, some mugs, or other merch with your brand printed on it.Your Streamlabs merch store is conveniently set up in a way that your viewers can browse your store, make their purchase, and have the items produced and shipped with a quick turnaround time and no additional work for you!

Add Your First Product

First, start Streamlabs OBS or log into Streamlabs.com and go to the Merch Store tab.
  • Go to “Add a new product” to choose a product. You can see a large selection of merch, and for this example we will make a hoodie, found under “upper wear”. . Select the color. Then upload your graphic.
  • This will automatically show your media gallery, but you may also upload a new image from your computer.
  • To move or resize the image on the item, click it and use the tools to the right.
  • Next you can name your merch and set a price. You can even create a custom alert for the item to thank your supporters for purchasing.Alerts are a great tool to remind viewers you have merch available every time someone makes a purchase.
  • When you're all done, publish your store by joining Prime and you're product will be posted to your store.
  • Let your viewers know they can either find your store on your tip page or add a panel to your channel pointing them to the URL. You can find some helpful graphics to use for a merch panel here.

Discounts on Your Own Merch!

You can purchase your own merchandise at a lower cost for a convenient way to sample product print and quality, or sport your own goods on stream. Simply go to your store while logged into Streamlabs and you automatically get the discount.

And that’s it, your merch store, alerts, and everything are good to go. We hope your viewers enjoy your new merch, and happy shopping!

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